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Dominic Toretto, you don't know me... but you're about to.
~ Deckard to Dom over the phone after "killing" Han, while openly declaring war on his crew for crippling Owen, and also his most famous quote.

Deckard Shaw is a major character of The Fast and the Furious franchise.

He is the unseen overarching antagonist in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, a minor, yet pivotal antagonist in Fast & Furious 6, the main antagonist of Furious 7, the tritagonist of The Fate of the Furious, one of the two titular protagonists of Hobbs & Shaw, and a cameo character in F9.

Deckard Shaw is a former British Special Forces soldier and MI6 agent, as well as the oldest brother of Owen and Hattie Shaw. He initially sought out to exact vengeance on Dominic Toretto and his crew for hospitalizing his brother, before becoming an occasional ally later on after it had transpired that both Dominic's crew and the Shaw brothers have common enemy in the terrorist mastermind Cipher. In addition, Deckard was a former brother-in-arms of Brixton Lore, a former MI6 agent turned super soldier for Eteon.

He was portrayed by Jason Statham, who also played Ethan Greer in the 2004 crime-thriller film Cellular.


No one tells me what to do.
~ Deckard Shaw to Luke Hobbs

Like Dominic Toretto, Deckard values his family above all other things. Deckard is willing to make alliances with others in his line of work to achieve what he wants. He cared deeply about his brother Owen, and was fiercely protective of him since they were children, to the point that he personally ended fights and endured punishments for him. He was capable of hoping that Owen would outgrow his cavalier, destructive behavior, and even when he was proven wrong about this, he recognized Owen as his brother and maintained a brotherly view of him. Driven by revenge, he attacked Dominic and his crew with the intention of killing them all no matter the cost or collateral damage that was left behind.

Like his younger brother Owen, Deckard could be a dirty fighter, as shown in his first fight with Dominic, where he was willing to shoot him, but when he does fight straightly, he doesn't seem to employ such means, as displayed when he fought Hobbs and Dominic, where he used solely his fighting prowess to challenge them without employing any unfair methods, if not discounting the fact that he did use a knife on Hobbs and throw an explosion at Elena to end the fight. He takes pride in harming or killing others. He will not hide his involvement in the death of others if it means making a point and baiting others out into the open. However, he is able to let his grudges go, such as when he begins working with Toretto's crew, and saves Toretto's son and settles his issues with Toretto afterwards, and is even present at their dinner table. For all his ruthlessness, Deckard did have a moral code at least towards children, as he was genuinely disgusted when seeing Cipher's men would fire on an innocent child and gave the guard a particularly severe beating while turning away Brian so he would not see it.

Deckard had a quick, dry wit, which put him at odds on several occasions with Lucas "Luke" Hobbs. He has a grudge against Eteon because they turned Brixton into their super soldier and ordered him to kill Deckard and forced him to kill his own brother-in-arms in self-defense.


Captain Deckard Shaw. Distinguished himself by acts of gallantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. His bold actions saved the lives of hostages and his teammates. Recommendation: the Victoria Cross. The highest honor the British government has ever given... to a traitor.
~ Hobbs reading Deckard's file

As a former MI6 agent and British Special Forces soldier, he is a highly skilled black ops operative, having served in the Special Boat Service and the Special Air Service before joining the Secret Intelligence Service. Thoroughly trained and highly accomplished in a variety of combat techniques, Deckard's abilities vary from the expert handling of firearms, explosives to hand-to-hand combat. Trained to operate as an assassin for the British government, Deckard presumably worked under clandestine parameters and carried out jobs as a "secret weapon". When he was deemed expendable by his government, Deckard went into business for himself as a mercenary for hire, just like his brother Owen, who was also a former British Special Forces soldier.

According to a letter from Windsor Castle, Deckard distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his own life above and beyond the call of duty while on assignment in Baghdad with A Squadron's Mobility Troop of the 22nd SAS Regiment. His bold and decisive actions under enemy fire saved the lives of hostages and several of his teammates. He was nominated for the Victoria Cross, the highest award for valor in the face of the enemy.

CIA Agent Victor Locke has described Deckard as an operative at "the top of his game," and the anonymous director of Eteon referred to him as "formidable." After defeating Brixton with Hobbs, the director stated that he outperformed his analytics.

  • Peak Human Condition: Deckard is a man who remains in strict level of training regimen and healthy dieting. His physical conditioning has proven to be extremely great and at levels where is not only superior to his siblings and could easily dispatch multiple enemies, but he has even matched the likes of Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs in battle.
    • Peak Human Strength: Although not his prominent trait, Deckard is still considerably strong. While not on par with Hobbs or Dominic in strength, he is still strong enough to tackle Hobbs through a glass wall and hit with enough force to disorient and launch him through the glass, along with being able to knock around Dominic with his blows when they fought, and could easily overpower lesser enemies to launch them off the air or nonchalantly restrain them with one hand and send them flying with his kicks.
    • Peak Human Durability: Deckard's great endurance allowed him to fight on par with Hobbs withstanding his strikes with only minor injuries and recover from being slammed into a table fast enough to then disorient him by hitting him with a strip light. He also displayed similar endurance in his fight with Dominic recovering from being thrown on top of a car in seconds, proceeding to out-brawl Dominic and kick him to the floor. He survived a head-on collision with Dominic in an underground tunnel with a Maserati (with reinforced chassis) which causes the vehicles of both drivers to be damaged. He survives another head-on collision on the rooftop of a parking garage with an Aston Martin and recovered quickly enough to face Dominic in hand-to-hand combat shortly after. He was also unfazed by the collision of his car with Han's. Deckard also withstood four intense electrical shocks when Brixton tortured him and Hobbs as well as endure punches from Brixton.
    • Peak Human Speed: Deckard's speed is such that it makes it very hard for his enemies to keep up with him. While his strength isn't so great, his speed allows him to compete against Dominic and Hobbs in battle, with Dominic being unable to truly defeat him while Hobbs had considerable difficulty outclassing him in hand-to-hand combat eventually. When dealing with multiple opponents, he can block strikes and counter them faster than they could react. This is best seen when he is dealing with Ukraine guards. According to Brixton Lore's ocular analysis, Deckard can punch at the speed of 19.402 meters per second (43.4 miles per hour/69.85 kilometres per hour), making his punching speed 28.49% faster than Hobbs'. Deckard also swiftly put the pin back in a grenade in his sister's apartment before it went off.
    • Peak Human Reflexes: Deckard possesses tremendous reflexes. He is even able to react to multiple gunshots, as he did when he was about to kill Dominic, only to be interrupted by guards. His reflexes made him a match for Hobbs and Dominic's strength, with him being able to block the majority of their blows and strike them multiple times, ultimately stalemating Dominic and only being defeated by Hobbs with great difficulty. His great reflexes allow him to fight with multiple enemies (moreover very skilled) at once.
    • Peak Human Stamina: Due to his extensive training, Deckard can push himself for very long periods of time without any sight slowing down or fatigue. Despite his long and exhausting fights with Dominic and Hobbs or multiple opponents at once, Deckard has never shown the slightest sign of being exhausted.
War is what I do.
~ Deckard to Hobbs.
  • Master Martial Artist: Indicated by his Special Forces background, Deckard is an extremely skilled fighter and martial artist, being able to contend with much stronger opponents and groups of other grown men and his fighting style appears to consist of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Karate and kickboxing. Deckard’s weapons training from his SBS and SAS background and skilled with melee weapons while remaining his training making him a formidable opponent. He can effortlessly take on multiple opponents, armed or otherwise and often come out of the fight as the victor. Deckard's skills in battle even allowed him to compete against both Dominic Toretto and even Luke Hobbs, with him having been able to fight Dominic to a standstill and only being defeated with considerable effort from Hobbs. He even displayed superior skill with wrenches in melee combat, forcing Dominic to use his strength to throw him on top of a car. Aside from combat weapons, Deckard can use anything in his surroundings as a weapon to fight. He also fought Cipher's goons while protecting Dominic's son, Brian Marcos after rescuing him at the same time.
  • Master Marksman: As a former special forces soldier, Deckard is highly skilled in the use of firearms, including pistols, sub-machine guns, shotguns, assault and sniper rifles. He shot Brixton Lore twice in the chest and once in the head, as he was trained to do.
  • Explosives Expertise: Deckard is also adept with explosives. He entered the Royal Defence Medical Centre in London and created a sustainable amount of damage with explosives used to take out several police officers and hospital personnel. When fighting Hobbs, he used a military-grade explosive to destroy the upper levels of the DSS Los Angeles headquarters. He was also able to mail a packaged bomb from Tokyo to Los Angeles that destroyed the Toretto house.
  • Expert Driver: Deckard is a highly skilled driver and extremely proficient at driving a variety of vehicles. His skills are nearly on par with Dominic and like him, he is skilled in cornering and drifting. He also managed to perfectly time crashing his car into Han's to cause his death. In the Caucasus Mountains near Azerbaijan, he pursued and attacked Dominic with a Fast Attack Vehicle and attempted to push his car off a cliff by ramming him repeatedly until Roman arrived and helped Dominic knock Deckard's vehicle down a hill.
  • Bilingualism: Deckard is capable of speaking English and Russian.



  • Unnamed father †
  • Magdalene Shaw - Mother
  • Owen Shaw - Brother
  • Hattie Shaw - Sister
  • Unnamed ex-wife
  • Unnamed daughter


  • Dominic Toretto's crew - Situational Enemies
    • Dominic Toretto - Attempted Killer and Attempted Victim
    • Letty Ortiz
    • Roman Pearce
    • Tej Parker
    • Ramsey
  • Luke Hobbs - Situational Enemy and Rival
  • Elena Neves † - Situational Enemy
  • Mr. Nobody - Recruiter
  • Little Nobody
  • Loeb
  • Professor Andreiko †
  • Margarita - Ex-flame
  • Jonah Hobbs
  • Mateo Hobbs
  • Sefina Hobbs
  • Kal Hobbs
  • Timo Hobbs


  • Han Seoul-Oh - Alleged Victim
  • Brian O'Conner - Situational Ally
  • Mia Toretto - Situational Ally
  • Sheppard †
  • Mose Jakande † - Former Ally
  • Louis Kiet † - Former Ally
  • Cipher - Attempted Recruiter and Archenemy
  • Connor Rhodes
  • Eteon
    • Brixton Lore † - Former Ally turned Enemy and Attempted Victim


You thought this was gonna be a street fight?
~ Deckard saying to Dom if he thinks their first fight will be a street fight, he will win.
They say if you want to glimpse the future, just look behind you. I used to think that was bollocks. But now I realize you can't outrun the past. When we were kids, you'd start fights with the toughest bastards in the yard. But I was the one who had to step in and finish them. You'd steal from the corner shop, but it was me who'd brave the old man's belt. I'd hoped you'd outgrown it. That playing the gangster made you harder, smarter, better. But deep down, I guess I always knew you'd end up like this, despite everything I did teach you. Still, you're my flesh and blood. So you remain my cross to bear. Rest now, little brother, while I settle your one last score.
~ Deckard's speech to Owen.
I'm here for the team that crippled my brother.
~ Deckard explains why he wants to kill Toretto and his crew after he broke into the DSS office.
Let's get one thing clear. I ain't on your team. I don't care about you, your crew, or your little family. I'm here for Cipher.
~ Deckard explains the situation to Letty and Dom’s crew


  • Firstly, when the casting ended, Universal Pictures had published that Statham's role of the main antagonist will be Ian Shaw, but it was officially changed to Deckard Shaw.
  • Jason Statham's appearance at the end of Fast & Furious 6 makes him the key antagonist, although his appearance is a non-credited cameo.
  • Deckard being the driver of the Mercedes and responsible for Han's death in Tokyo Drift is a minor retcon. A close inspection in Tokyo Drift sees passersby tending to the driver of the vehicle (although the driver isn't seen), but in Fast & Furious 6 he exits the vehicle and walks away. This was merely to alter the film so Tokyo Drift is taking place in the Fast & Furious 6 universe.
  • Deckard Shaw is the first main villain in The Fast and the Furious franchise to have a chance of redemption while other main villains from the franchise did not have a chance of redemption (his brother also redeemed but with anti-hero qualities now).
  • Since Han is alive in the ninth film, it is likely that Deckard would presumably either fight him or also make amends with him in a future installment.
  • His line of dialogue, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is also used by Transformers Age of Extinction villain Harold Attinger.

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