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Declan is a supporting character in the AMC crime-drama Breaking Bad. He was a meth distributor based in Phoenix, while being in competition with Gustavo Fring. He was first contacted by Mike Ehrmantraut and bought methylamine to buy a share of his partnership with Jesse Pinkman in Walter White's drug empire. However, Walt blocked the deal, instead making Declan and his subordinates his distributor, and acquired Mike's partnership for $5 million.

After Walt's retirement, Declan hired Todd Alquist to cook Walt's stimulants, but he failed due to inexperience, and Declan fired him to make his own low-grade stimulants in Arizona. He and all of his crew were eventually killed by Jack Welker on orders from Lydia Rodarte-Quayle when Declan refused to rehire Todd and improve the quality of the stimulants for sale to overseas buyers.

He was portrayed by Louis Ferreira.


Prior to the events he was displayed on the screen with, Mike states Declan was a contact from when he was working under Gus's Empire. Mike first contacts him by phone and holds a meeting in the desert. He, Jesse, and Mike all face each other and try to sign a deal to give him a stake in the methylamine they had recently robbed from a train. He refuses to buy only two-thirds of the lot and explains that the high prices were to pay off to get rid of competitor Walter White's Blue Sky.

A few days later, they meet again but Walter White is present and in charge of the meeting. He convinces Declan that if Walt uses methylamine to produce 99.1% methamphetamine, everyone can make more money. The best that Declan can do is 70% which makes this offer desirable. Before Declan agrees, Walt in a show of ego demands him to guess who he is and to say his name which Declan defeatedly remarks "Heisenberg", as Declan learns Walt masterminded Gus's death instead of the cartel as rumored. This shifts the control of the meeting all to Walter as the culmination of everything he has done during the series has led to a name that strikes fear into the hearts of career kingpins.

After Jesse retired from the business, Walt continues to cook meth by hiring his assistant chef, Todd Alquist in order to deliver meth to Declan's man in Arizona. After Heisenberg's retirement, Todd takes over as head chef for Declan and his partner Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. At some point, Declan fires Todd and returns to using his original stimulant. Later, Lydia met Declan and his crew in a hidden meth lab in the Arizona Desert. Their low-quality methamphetamine wasn't enough to sell in the Czech Republic, and they had a $50 million hole in front of them. Declan refuses to clean up his business or rehire Todd. At this point, Declan and his men are ambushed by Jack Welker's supremacist gang, who acts according to Lydia's orders. The injured Declan tries to crawl out of the mass homicide, but is shot and killed by gang leader Jack Welker.

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