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"My name is Declan Macey, and I am not dead - but my wife, Charity, is gonna wish I was!".
~ Declan as he declares his intent to get revenge on Charity for destroying their marriage through her lies and schemes.

Declan Macey is a fictional character and major protagonist of the long-running British soap opera Emmerdale. He debuted as a central character in 2010 and became the anti-villain in 2011-2012 before later serving as the secondary antagonist in 2013 and the main antagonist in 2014, as well as a mentioned character in 2015-2019.

He was portrayed by Jason Merrells.


Declan Macey first came to Emmerdale in 2010 at a hotel, where he met a woman named Charity Dingle and soon caught her out for trying to steal his cars. He forced her to return it in exchange for not calling the police. He soon dated her in order to make her cousin and ex-fiancé, Cain Dingle, jealous upon being told that Cain masterminded the carjacking attempt.

Soon enough, Declan moved into the village and brought a share of Home Farm from the owner Natasha Wylde. They started a relationship until it had transpired that Natasha had killed her husband Mark, and that her son Nathan Wylde framed his own brother Ryan Lamb for the crime out of spite - to which Declan disbelieves as he supports both Ryan's sister Masie and mother Faye over the ordeal. Following Natasha's imprisonment, Declan buys Home Farm from Nathan thanks to his wife Ella Hart and leaves him homeless. He later bids Masie and her young brother Will farewell.

In 2011, Declan is shocked when his and Ella's daughter Mia turns up - along with his father Dermont. They are able to bond until Declan catches Ella having an affair with Mia's boyfriend Adam Barton, to which he keeps from Mia until she finds out the truth herself. Declan is later devastated to learn that Mia has died in a car accident, and is more upset to learn that his best-friend and business partner Jai Sharma is actually Mia's biological father. The two friends end up having a conflict to the stage where they end up having a fight at one point.

In 2012, Declan begins a relationship with Adam's roommate Kate Sugden and they get engaged. He also reunites with his sister Megan Macey and nephew Robbie Macey, even though the pair resent Kate and try to stop Declan from marrying her to no avail. Declan and Kate get married and build a business empire together. Later on, Declan is horrified when Kate falls through a mine shaft and is eventually rescued following a prolonging ordeal in there.

In 2013, Declan cheats on Kate with Charity and ends up having a one-night stand with the latter - even though Charity is married to Jai. Their affair is found out by Charity's cousin Chas, whose boyfriend Cameron Murray proceeds to blackmail Declan into getting Charity and her daughter Debbie Dingle - also Cameron's ex-fiancé - into laying off Chas in exchange for not telling their spouses about it. Declan does his best until Jai finds out and Chas later tells Katie about it. In retribution, Katie exposes Declan's secret during one of their business deals and breaks up with him. She then sleeps with Adam to get back at Declan, who begins to clash with Katie and antagonize her on many accounts.

During the year, Declan comes across a number of complications - his business rival Steve Harland and an unidentified body being exposed underneath a music festival that Declan hosted. Declan pays the workers to keep this secret from the police, who later arrest Declan for perverting the course of justice. Thereafter Declan is arrested on suspicion of murder when the corpse is revealed to be that of Adam's best-friend Alex Moss. At the same time, Declan increases rent on Adam's mother Moira Barton despite having previously comforted her over the death of her late husband John Barton. The conflict between Declan and the Bartons is exploited by Cameron, who is the one to have killed Alex along with his enemy Carl King and Chas' half-sister Gennie Walker. Eventually, Declan's innocence is proven when Cameron's murders are exposed.

However, Declan's business goes into trouble and he practically loses everything around him. He begins to take his frustrations out of Megan and frequently beats her, before later deciding to commit suicide by setting fire to Home Farm. But at the last second he escapes and reunites with Charity, who decides to cover for him by framing her own cousin Sam Dingle and his girlfriend Rachel Beckle as the perpetuators in order to get revenge on Jai. He agrees to do this and at one point arranges for Rachel's relative Dan Spencer to get beaten up to stop him from prying on the circumstances behind the situation.

In 2014, Declan and Charity begin an insurance scam as well as a relationship. They get married and hire both Carl's brother Jimmy King and his wife Nicola to work for them, along with Adam's half-brother Ross Barton for a short period of time. Megan resents Charity, but Declan turns against Megan and sides with Charity in their arguments. Charity soon gets pregnant with Declan's baby, but aborts it and lies about having a miscarriage. Again Declan believes her until he later finds out the truth and begins a campaign against her, nearly getting her son Noah killed in a wine poisoning attempt in the process. But then Declan takes Charity for a vacation and attempts to kill her there. She escapes and warns Megan and Robbie, who rush to the scene where Declan attacks her. Declan attempts to kill her with a flare gun, but accidentally kills Robbie instead. Charity then hits Declan on the head and he seemingly drowns.

Following Declan's apparent death, his body goes missing and Robbie is declared dead. Declan returns amid Robbie's funeral and reunites with Megan, then takes her along with Charity's family hostage. He then reveals the extent of Charity's lies and deceit to everything before fleeing the village for good.



  • Jason Merrells (the actor who played Declan Macey) has been nominated for several awards through his character's performance.