DeeBees, also known as Bucketheads by Marcus Fenix, are common enemies and are major antagonists of Gears of War 4. They are a series of robots created by Damon Barid of DB Industries to act primarily as combat robots for the reconstructed Coalition of Ordered Governments and its armed forces. They were also built to handle dangerous jobs such as construction as well as military and police roles to protect and help grow the fragile human population in the aftermath of the Locust War. They're lead by human officers such as JD Fenix and Delmont Walker, but after they defected from the COG, they were taken over by COG First Minister, Jinn, and persue them throughout the course of the game as well as harassing the Outsiders for kidnapping COG citizens that were actually taken by the Swarm.


DeeBees are a series of robots that were created by Damon Barid in the aftermath of the Locust War and Lambent Pandemic to aid in the creation and restoration of the Coalition of Ordered Governments after the human population barely survived both apocalyptic wars and resulted in humanity being reduced to the hundreds of thousands. DeeBees were initially designed to handle dangerous jobs such as construction and were ment for purely civilian usage, but First Minister Jinn had the DeeBees repurposed into a mechanized police force and eventually had them enlisted in the reconstructed COG military to combat the abductions of COG citizens in various city-states and settlements inside COG territory, which was blamed on the rival faction known as the Outsiders. After JD Fenix and Delmont Walker defected from the COG militia, they were declared enemies of the state and DeeBees were sent after them and are seen throughout the game chasing the two of them down and attacking Outsider settlements and other holdings. The DeeBees serve as secondary antagonists of the game as well as one of the most common enemy types found in the game alongisde the various types and soldiers of the Swarm. 


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