Uh-oh! How unfortunate!
Uh-oh! How unfortunate!
I know how much you like to fight
So I'll add a new problem to your night!
~ Dee Dee
Uh-oh! How unfortunate!
Uh-oh! How unfortunate!
I'm gonna do a sneaky thing
And throw a new contender in the ring!
~ Dee Dee

Dee Dee, also known as XOR or Shadow Dee Dee in her nightmare form, is an antagonist in the game Ultimate Custom Night. She is an animatronic originating from Five Nights at Freddy's World.

Dee Dee is voiced by Stephanie Belinda Quinn.


Five Nights at Freddy's World

Dee Dee is a minor character in this game. She owns a fishing place where the player can fish for money.

Ultimate Custom Night

Dee Dee reappears as an antagonist in the game Ultimate Custom Night. She can appear in the office if any animatronics on the character select screen are not selected for any given night. Dee Dee will then tauntingly sing one of two songs (that can attract other animatronics) before making another unselected animatronic appear while set at a random difficulty, altering the difficulty of an already active animatronic, or doing nothing at all. There is also a chance she will make an non-selectable animatronic show up as well. The only way to ward her off is to use the DD Repel power-up.

In 50/20 Mode, Dee Dee instead appears as a ghostly version of herself who will glitch over the screen and speak in a corrupted voice. This version is often referred to as Shadow Dee Dee due to her appearance, or XOR due to her sound file. Once this happens and she disappears, she will begin to summon six non-selectable animatronics at the hardest difficulty, often at seven-second intervals. This version can also rarely appear in normal play, and is immune to the DD Repel power-up.


Dee Dee looks similar to Balloon Boy and JJ as they appeared in FNAF World but with a much larger propeller on her hat. She has green eyes, brown hair, a pink triangular nose and pink cheeks, while her clothing consists of an orange, pink and purple color scheme. In FNAF World, Dee Dee will also be holding a long fishing rod.

As XOR/Shadow Dee Dee, Dee Dee appears as a nearly monochrome version of herself, save for a bit of red on the center of her propellor. XOR's eyes are also completely pitch-black.


Not much is known about Dee Dee’s personality other than the fact she likes to fish (as seen in FNAF World) and can be mischievous.


  • XOR's glitched audio is really Dee Dee's "sneaky thing" song, albeit pitched lower, sped up, and reversed.


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