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Are you totally demented mon? Our boss is the enemy of freedom and peace these people have come all over the world to stop him. If you are smart, you save your own ass!
~ Dee Jay to Zangief.

Dee Jay is a supporting antagonist of the 1994 film Street fighter based on the video game character of the same name.

He was portrayed by Miguel A. Nunez Jr.


Dee Jay is a Jamaican member of Shadaloo and M. Bison's right hand man. He is ranked above the average soldier and is in charge of Bison's control troop mostly tasked with tech stuff. He also closely works with Zangief. Even though Dee Jay works for M. Bison he does it not by loyalty but mostly for personal gains as serving him would made him rich.

When M. Bison kidnapped some people and used them as hostages Dee Jay did his best to aid him even informing him that UN troops under William. F. Guile were trying to trace him trough a Live Broadcast. He later tried to congratulate his boss when it was announced that Guile had been killed by Sagat's men trying to gain his favor as much as he could. He then accompanied M. Bison during his meeting with Sagat in a market, a meeting that didn't go well with both parties almost fighting each other by they were stopped by Ryu and Ken who informed them that Chun Li and her partners were gonna blow that whole place. They managed to survive and later found and captured Chun Li along with E. Honda and Balrog.

Later Dee Jay managed to find out that something was wrong at the river as a small UN cruiser had entered their territory. It was revealed that it was Guile who had faked his death and was heading to M. Bison's base. Bison destroyed the cruiser but Guile along with his partners Lieutenant Cammy and Sergeant T. Hawk managed to escape in time and entered the base. When UN forces invaded the base, Dee Jay begun to secretly flee and tried to steal as much money as he could. While escaping he encountered Zangief who asked why he was leaving M. Bison wo which Dee Jay replied that their boss was the real enemy and that they should save themselves. Zangief asked him why he was serving M. Bison despite knowing that he was evil and Dee Jay replied that it was because he was paid a fortune much to Zangief's surprise who decided to change sides. Dee Jay then exit the base with his money but was soon joined by Sagat who also escaped. They both swam across the river and went unnoticed by the UN troops. Sagat opened the box only to find that the money were fake Bison dollars much to Dee Jay's disappointment.


While Dee Jay wasn't nearly as evil as his boss M. Bison, he was an opportunist who would even aid a mad dictator in order to get what he wants. He is also cowardly as he abandoned his former allies mid-battle and tried to steal. He had a sense of reality though as he was aware that Bison wasn't a good person, and had no real respect for him with Dee Jay even making fun of him secretly many times.


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