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The Deer, is the main antagonist of the online-animation The Spirit of Christmas, created by British animator Cyriak Harris.


The deer appears to be having red eyes, and human-like teeth. While on the deer's nose, a worm appears to be hanging, and the deer has two horns. Behind of the deer, he appears to be having eight legs, resembling a spider. While the Santa appears to be having a Christmas hat, and appears to be having a white beard. While the Santa's face appears to look really angry.


In the animation, it appears to be snowing. A little boy is sleeping in his bed. As the deer creature appears on the boy's window, and created horrible sounds. The boy looks at it, and believes that it was a dream, so it went to sleep again.

The deer then breaks into the boys room, getting ontop of the boy. As the deer grows from it's back another head of a Santa, which pulls out a Christmas tree out of its mouth. The Santa then brutally drills the boys head with the tree, until there is a big hole. In the end, the deer throws up a present inside of the boy's head.


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