Deez and Doz is the secondary antagonists of the 2013 3D computer-animated German-American-Belgian comedy adventure television, Maya the Bee (promoted televisionly as "Maya the Bee TV Series") based on the 1912 German comic book series, The Adventures of Maya the Bee by Waldemar Bonsels.


They were mean, sneaky, rude, and abusive while they hate bees (including Maya and Willy) and was Stinger's henchmen which is in order to steal honey and fruits from the bugs. During the series, Deez and Doz were selfish, cunning, and greedy because they interest of food which they planning to steal something from the bugs for Stinger and was cruel, sadistic, and jealous, wrathful, and antagonistic with the insects because they dislikes them.


During the series, Deez and Doz were find out that Maya lives in the meadow which she wants to stay there and begin to tell Stinger after they tried to capture Judge Beeswax. In those episodes, they plan to steal honey and fruits from the bugs and help Stinger to kidnap Maya and Willy, although they capture the other bugs as well, however they once helped Maya, Willy, and the little bees in "Queen Of Solar Eclipse" which they supposed to be bad guys. Deez and Doz were also taken Stinger's portrayed as the main antagonists in some episodes. While they returned for the second season, they steal the royal jelly at once (even happens to Buzzlina in the film) and they chased by Willy, Flip, and the guard bees, then they attacked by the ants in "Roll On The Holidays" and Deez and Doz were steal Flip's violin while he has the blues in "Flip Has Got The Blues" and that cause him to leave the meadow. Doz once befriends with Beatrice to have fun in "Bad Company". In "Flip Saves The Queen" they tries to kidnap the Queen and exchange her by get all their honey reserves, although Doz let Maya and Willy to free the Queen as well which he supposed to guard on her, and also in "Cool In The Cooler" they locked the bees up and help Stinger to take over the hive.


  • Deez and Doz are villainy bullies.
  • They love honey and fruits which they can steal from the bugs, and also they hate bees, including Maya and Willy.
  • They doesn't seen in the films at all.