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Curses! Drat! All I can say is.....I was framed.
~ Defacely after getting caught by the police.

Defacely Marmeister is one of the villains of the short lived animated series Hammerman, based on famous rapper MC Hammer. He was voiced by John Stocker.


Defacely is a quirky and not very effective supervillain who looks like something from the paintings of Picasso. His gimmick is that he manipulates kids into painting graffiti all over the city and then he uses his magical spray to turn the graffiti into living giant monsters to cause havoc for his own amusement and to help him stealing money. The series never explained his motivations for doing this and he always gets defeated by Hammer Man in the end.


  • During his review of Hammer Man, after jokingly comparing the series' villains to the villains of Batman: The Animated Series and showing a clip in which Defacely refuses to talk about his past, Nostalgia Critic mockingly stated that "Two-Face has nothing on that backstory."


Hammer man villain sing scatman if spangebill

Hammer man villain sing scatman if spangebill

Cartoon Clipshow 35 - Hammerman

Cartoon Clipshow 35 - Hammerman

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