Defile is one of the main villains of Wildstorm's wildcats and a member of the Daemonite.


Defile is one of the many high lords of the alien race known as Daemonite and like Helspont chased after Majectic in their ship crashing land on earth. Years later among the three high lords Defile and Helspont were the only survivors but they went on their seprate ways with plans of conquest towards mankind and finding and killing Mister majestic. Later on the wildcats showed up with Mister Majestic among their ranks and defile has since become the team's most recurring eneimies. Defile had been the mastermind behind many story arcs and has outwitted and bested Helspont a couple times. He also has a lover named Lady Decadence and play a major role in story arcs like armageddon and world's end. He was the Daemonites poltical leader while Helspont is the military leader.

Powers and Ablitlies

Being a high lord Defile has superhuman,strength,speed,durabilty,and stamina.Also poesses tactica skills and is a master maniuplator.He can also poseesse people and has long life spans just like the rest of his race.

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