Degil (also known as Dejeel) is the main antagonist of the DS game, Densetsu no Starfy 4. Her goal is to conquer the Amiy Kingdom and marry Prince Coral. She is the final boss of the game, and in order to truly defeat her, the player must collect all 36 Answer Cards.


Prior to the events of the game, Degil had a crush on Prince Coral of the Amiy Kingdom. Unfortunately for her, he was already taken. In order to achieve her goal of marrying the prince and conquering the kingdom, she stole the Monamool Stone, which brought chaos to the land. Although she succeeded at conquering the kingdom, she was unaware of Mattel escaping the kingdom and fleeing to Pufftop. Mattel sought the help of Starfy. When Degil found out about this, she sent her minions and allies to defeat Starfy.


Degil is a white snake/eel-like creature with a bluish-purple pattern on her back. She has a star-shaped pattern on her left eye, and has red hair. She wears a spiky, dark purple cape with yellow rims, and a small, golden crown. She also wears the Monamool Stone as a necklace.

In her final form, she appears as a giant white face with curly, green hair.

In the game

After Degil stole the Monamool Stone, she successfully conquered the Amiy Kingdom. She first sees Starfy, Starly, and Moe via the Monamool Stone, acting somewhat like a crystal ball. When the player encounters Konk, it is revealed that he was powered-up by Degil.

She finds out that Konk was defeated yet again, and that Starfy and friends are headed to the Tree of Beginning. She sends her next minion; Choking.


  • She is the only female main antagonist in the Starfy series.
  • She is also the only main villain to not outright die.

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