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Bwa ha ha! Feeling drunk, are ya?! Hic... like... you... can't... stand up... can't stand up... straiiight?! Same here, man!! Which's why I ain't walking around down there! Better stay away from me, or you'll get just as plastered!!
~ Deidoro Sakaki to Mirio Togata.

Deidoro Sakaki is a minor antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. He is affiliated with the Shie Hassaikai and a member of the organization's Eight Bullets.

He is voiced by Kouji Takahashi in the Japanese version and Zeno Robinson in the English dubbed version, the latter whom would move on to voice Hawks.


Deidoro is a lean but muscular man with greasy dark hair, reaching just below his shoulders, circular and rather deep-set eyes and notably straight teeth. He has a plague mask like the rest of the Shie Hassaikai, with his being plain and having drains fitted into the eye-holes so that the alcohol he consumes can drip through. He also wears a fur coat, dark pants and black shoes.


Deidoro is an alcoholic and always seen drinking heavily no matter what he's doing. His dialogue is long, slurred and repetitive due to his intoxication and he has strange habits like crawling around on top of ceilings.


Shie Hassaikai Arc

Deidoro is paired with Shin Nemoto and sent to defend Kai Chisaki and Chronostasis. Once Mirio Togata reaches them, Deidoro uses his Quirk to disrupt his sense of balance while Shin attempts to shoot him with his gun. Shin also messes with Mirio's head by using his Confession Quirk to make him believe he's only saving Eri to make himself feel better, while Deidoro attacks him with knives. However, Mirio accepts his failure to save Eri last time and regains his determination, swiftly defeating both Deidoro and Shin with his Phantom Menace technique.

Deidoro is later arrested and imprisoned along with the rest of the Shie Hassaikai in the aftermath of the raid.

Powers and Abilities

Sloshed: Deidoro's Quirk allows him to cause someone to experience dizziness and lose their sense of balance as if they've become drunk; presumably by drinking large amounts of alcohol. The strength of his Quirk changes based on the distance between Deidoro and the victim, and it's effects will still linger even if he's unconscious.


  • Deidoro's name contains the kanji for alcohol (酒 sake).
  • Deidoro represents a corruption of the fifth tenet of the eight precepts of Buddhism: Do not take intoxicants.


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