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Her fists are so dangerous, she's not allowed to be a lesbian.
~ Brian Griffin on Deidre Jackson.

Deidre Jackson is a minor antagonist in Family Guy, only appearing in the episode "Baby, You Knock Me Out". She is a professional boxer, who tried to kill Lois Griffin in one of her fights.

Shewas voiced by Alex Borstein, who also voices Lois.


In "Baby, You Knock Me Out", Lois Griffin became a professional boxer and became so famous that she had a statue built of her. Deidre Jackson overheard this news and became mad about this, and due to this, she came in and challenged her to a fight, assuming she was too weak to stop her. Lois declined, but Deidre provoked her into fighting her by forcing Peter Griffin to take off his shirt and get down on his hands and knees, while she milked his breasts.

On the night of the fight, Deidre stated on the news that she intended to kill Lois in their upcoming fight in Round 6. Peter witnesses this and, due to the fact that she had already killed three other women prior, tries to prevent Lois from fighting, to no avail.

When the boxing match started, Deidre immediately came right out of the gates, soundly beating Lois while the protagonist was unable to land a single punch on her. Deidre clearly took the win on the first round, and it continued on until Round 6, which is the round that Deidre had previous promised to kill Lois. Brian Griffin, worrying for Lois' life, begged her to stand down, but Lois' anger fueled her and she decided to get up and fight Deidre. This time, she actually put up a good fight and landed several punches on her but Deidre still fought back.

In the end, Deidre knocked Lois down to the ground and prepared to end Lois with a finishing blow, but Lois blocked her shot and fisted her back several times, knocking her face to pieces and causing her to fly backwards through the air and land on the ground, defeated.



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