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I'm out!
~ Deion Hughes

Deion Hughes is a supporting antagonist of Norbit. He is a sneaky, slick-talking businessman.

He was portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr. in his first villainous role.


Norbit first met Deion Hughes when Kate Thomas, his old childhood sweetheart, introduces him to Deion Hughes who was her fiancé. Norbit was disappointed.

Later that day at a town fair, Deion was there and yet to Norbit's suspicion, was talking to a woman on his cellphone behind Kate's back but he couldn't prove it. Rasputia finds out about this, and threatens violence against Kate should Norbit speak to her again.

Norbit discovers that the Latimore brothers have orchestrated a plot to purchase Kate and Norbit's former orphanage to open up a strip club called Nippopolis: since Deion is to be married to Kate, he will have possession of the property, and he gets a share of the money once the strip club opens. When Kate finds out about the deal, Deion convinces her that Norbit only used her to help the Lattimores. When she confronts him after he is locked in the basement by a vengeful Rasputia, Norbit lies to Kate to save her from Rasputia. In a fit of rage, Kate leaves Norbit to marry Deion.

Norbit escapes from the basement guarded by Blue, one of Rasputia's 3 brothers, and races to the church where Deion and Kate are to be married. Norbit reveals that Deion has gotten rich off of divorce settlements, and only marries women for their money; he proves this by presenting Deion's ex-wives and their children in person. It was shown that he had told, from the first to the last ex-wife, lies about himself, such as that his names were Antoine and Luther, and that he was gay, respectively. When that was shown, he claimed they had him confused with "his gay brother Antoine Luther". Deion flees, and the Latimores attack Norbit.

Just as the brothers prepare to kill Norbit, they are stopped by the townspeople, who have taken up arms to defend Norbit and get their revenge on the Latimores. In the ensuing battle, Rasputia fights her way through the crowd, but just when Rasputia is about to kill Norbit, she is harpooned in the rear by Mr. Wong. Rasputia, the brothers, and Deion are all chased out of town by the mob. Kate trusts Norbit again. She and Norbit buy the orphanage and get married under the tree where they once played as children. Rasputia and her brothers move to Mexico and open up the El Nipplopolis, where Rasputia becomes their most popular and lucrative stripper.

And as for Deion Hughes, he was never heard from again. He is the only villain in Norbit to not have any happy ending.


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