Deizarus is the leader of the Neo Deboth Army and the main antagonist of the South Korean-made sequel to Zyuden Sentai KyoryugerPower Rangers Dino Force Brave (dubbed in Japanese as Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave).

He was voiced by Min Eung-shik.


100 million years prior to the present day, Deizarus attacked the Earth but was driven away by the Power Dinos.

However, a few years after the Dino Force Rangers defeated the Deboth Army, Deizarus returned leading the Neo Deboth Army to attack Earth. Deizarus sought the Power of the Dragon King so he could use it to conquer the universe. However, the Neo Deboth Army would soon find themselves opposed by the new Brave Dino Force Rangers and Power Dinos assembled by Wise God Torin.

Deizarus and the Neo Deboth Army were approached by the mercenary Juhyeok, who offered to defeat the Brave Dino Force Rangers for them. Seeing little choice, Deizarus accepted the space mercenary's offer.

However, Deizarus secretly believed that Juhyeok was the holder of the Power of the Dragon King and sought to draw it out. After his suspicions were seemingly confirmed, Deizarus sent his remaining three generals Raimein, Homuras and Arash to draw out the power, only to discover that Juhyeok was a decoy for Juyong, the true holder of the Power of the Dragon King.

Deizarus then sent Homuras to fight Juyong while Raimein went to fight Juhyeok. After Raimein was defeated, Deizarus himself appeared and attacked Juhyeok, swiftly beating down the decoy. Brave Red Dino then appeared to save his brother, having destroyed Homuras, but was easily beaten and captured by Deizarus, who brought him back to his ship with Raimein.

Before he could finish drawing out the Power of the Dragon King from Juyong, Juhyeok arrived to rescue his brother. After defeating Raimein, Juhyeok rescued Juyong from having his Dragon King power sucked out of him. The two brothers then faced off against Deizarus, but the Neo Deboth Army leader beat them both them and forced them to flee on Pteravolt. Deizarus persisted, however and enlarged himself before transforming his ship into a weapon to pursue them to Earth. However, Deizarus was fought back by the Brave TyrannoKing piloted by the other four Dino Force Rangers. Pteravolt and TyrannoKing then combined combined to form Brave Raiden TyrannoKing and face off against Deizarus. In a climactic final battle, Deizarus was destroyed when the Dino Force rammed him with the full power of their Brave.


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