Del Tha Ghost Rapper is the late friend of Russel Hobbs and a recurring character in the Gorillaz music videos and shorts, appearing as the main antagonist and guest singer in the video for their first single "Clint Eastwood" and as the guest singer in "Rock The House".

He was based on and voiced by rapper Teren Delvon Jones.

Clint Eastwood

Del appears first in this video where he is seen possessing Russel's hat and rapping. He later raised an entrie graveyard from the ground and brought up an entire army of blue zombie-like gorillas from the ground making Murdoc flee out of fear. The gorillas chased Murdoc through the next verse of the song and began dancing in front of him, despite trying to fight back Murdoc was overpowered by them. In the final chorus Noodle defeated the army and Del was trapped back inside of Russel's hat.

Rock The House

Del appeared as a guest in this video where he was rapping once again but later participated in a game where the player had to deflect flying balls with their body, Del simply used his strength to his advantage and used his hands to dodge the balls.

Gorillaz Bitez

He appeared in the Gorillaz Bite "Jump The Gut" where he and Noodle done a bet on if 2-D could jump over Russel's gut on a bike or not. At the end of the short 2-D lands directly in the middle of Russel's stomach and Del is sucked back into Russel's hat.


  • He was killed in a drive by shooting
  • In Rock The House his outfit appears to be a reference to Mr. Freedom.