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Oscar and Morris Delancey

Oscar and Morris Delancey are tough newsboys and are supporting antagonists in the Disney Musical, Newsies.


At the start of the film, they push a smaller newsie to the back of the line. But Jack stick up for him and steals one of their bowler derbies. They chase across Greely Square, but he manages to get away as usual.

Even though most of the newsies went on strike, the Delanceys remained loyal to Weisel as his main lackeys to impede their efforts. They handed Crutchy to the police during a raid and he is thrown into Snyder's custody at the Refuge. Due to their assault, Crutchy was to hurt to be broken out by Jack and David.

After Jack shows up on the streets as a scab, the Delanceys (looking for trouble) tell Jack that they're going to attack David, and that because Jack is under Pulitzer's watch, he can't interfere. The brothers instead go after Sarah and Les, and David tries to save them but is almost fatally beaten. Jack witnesses the events and steps in to ward off the Delanceys, even though he knows he will get thrown in the Refuge for doing so.


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