The Delaz Fleet are group of Zeon remnant forces under the command of Admiral Aiguille Delaz and the main antagonists of the 13 episode OVA Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.


Upon hearing of the death of Gihren Zabi, Aiguille Delaz had his forces, which at the time were defending A Baoa Qu, pull out from battle and retreat.

Setting up base in the area of the destroyed Side 5, the Delaz fleet began making preparation to continue the fight against the Earth Federation.

Operation Stardust

As the first step of Operation Stardust, Delaz sent Commander Anavel Gato to steal the prototype Gundam RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis", one of two new prototype Gundams produced by the Federation. Gato succeeded in pulling off the heist and delivering the Gundam to the Delaz Fleet.

Meanwhile, Delaz allied with another group of Zeon forces under the command of Colonel Cima Garahau to bolster the strength of the Delaz Fleet. Delaz later sent Cima's forces to hijack the Side 1 colonies Blade and Islands Ease, planning to bounce the latter off the former to make it seem as though Delaz Fleet was attacking the lunar city of Van Braun when in fact their target was central North America.

Despite the betrayal of Cima and the death of Delaz, the plan proved a success, with a large portion of the Federation's food supplies being destroyed by the drop. However, the Delaz Fleet, now under the command of Anavel Gato, was later surrounded and finished off by Federation forces, Gato himself included.

Notable Members

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