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Listen, you're costing me business. Who do you think's gonna win between you and business?
~ Delford "Iraq" Wade
Don't bring war to a soldier, boy
~ Delford "Iraq" Wade

Delford Wade, also known as "Iraq", is a major antagonist in the 2014 video game Watch Dogs.

He is the leader of a vicious gang called the Black Viceroys, and uses his past military training to come out on top in street warfare. Wade and his gang also act as muscle for powerful Chicago crime lord, Lucky Quinn. He is also the arch-rival of Aiden Pearce.

He was voiced Jerod Hayes.



Delford Wade was born in 1987 and was raised by his family alongside his cousin Tyrone Hayes, and later joined the United States Army during the 2000s. After serving in Iraq, he was honorably discharged and became leader of the Black Viceroys, and was nicknamed "Iraq" because of his time in the military.

Watch Dogs

In 2012, Iraq attempted to hack in the Merlaut Hotel (owned by Quinn) in order to get the aforementioned video, but failed when he encountered two other hackers in the system, and only got a corrupted file. Quinn, who was unaware of Iraq's attempt, asked Iraq to scare the two hackers. Iraq then hired Maurice Vega to kill Aiden.

In 2013, Iraq managed to acquire a briefcase containing the guest list for Lucky Quinn's auction. A Club man was later sent to Rossi-Fremont to get the case back, the scene being witnessed by Aiden and Clara who hacked in the cameras. After receiving an annoyed call from Quinn (who called Iraq a stoat), he disparaged the gangster, labeling him a "leprechaun", then asked what a stoat is. Another Viceroy gave another laugh by answering Iraq, saying that a stoat is a weasel, prompting Iraq and the Viceroy to have a small laugh, before Iraq crushed the offending member's skull with the briefcase.

Iraq later provided security for Quinn's auction and personally met Nicholas Crispin, who was actually Aiden Pearce in disguise, having killed the real Crispin to get close to Iraq to clone his RFID card.

Iraq later catches Bedbug in his server room. Knowing that his cousin couldn't have gotten in by himself, he held him at the edge of a window. Bedbug confessed that an unknown man had put him up to this. Discovering a wire on Bedbug, Iraq alerted him men to the intruder, though Aiden is able to escape. Iraq then questioned Bedbug if he knew anything about Rose Washington. When he was certain that Bedbug knew nothing, he spared him.

When Aiden later assaults Rossi-Fremont and gets to the servers, Iraq confronts him as he was leaving. Iraq thought it was Crispin but realizes it is actually Aiden Pearce. Aiden accuses him of being the second hacker from the Merlaut, to which Iraq expresses confusion, as they had never met. As Aiden was ambushed by another Viceroy, Iraq makes a run for it and orders his remaining gang to kill the vigilante. When his men were all killed, Iraq personally involved himself and was killed in the attempt.


I was nothing, I came from nothing, I got nothing, never asked for nothing. But now... Well, you watch the news. I did that. By. My. Self, 'the f-k did you ever do?
~ Iraq to Bedbug.
You the s**t raining down on me?
~ Iraq to Aiden Pierce.
So you want to f**k with my family, huh? Break into my house? Try to steal my s**t, huh? Do you know who I am? Do you?!
~ Iraq to Aiden Pierce.
I'll make sure you come back to your family. Maybe one piece at the time, huh? And when I'm done, they're next on my list. You got a wife and kids? Brothers and sisters? You'll hurt mine, I'll hurt yours. B**ch! It ain't nobody going to save your punk-ass out there either. Your sniper's locked out.. And the police won't f**k with me! Hell, I am the police out here! You're going to die alone, man.
~ Iraq's rant to Aiden.
The Merlaut's a slick hotel. Bunch of rich white motherf***ers just waiting the pay up. You take it from me, eventually someone's gonna take it from you too ! Secrets get passed around. And all sorts of people are going to die for the secrets. That's the curse of power.
~ Iraq to Aiden Pierce.
This is not us making a deal. You picked the fight, Pearce. Let's play it out.
~ Iraq's last words.



  • Delford was previously named "Anthony" during the early stages of development.
  • Iraq is an Islamic country, he is called this because of his past military service.


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