Delivery Man

The Delivery Man

The Delivery Man is a robotic biker appearing in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode, Delivery Dilemma. He is a special type of monster called a Demon Beast. Like his name suggests, the Delivery Man also excels at delivery. He is also very tricky, deceitful, and exploitative, so he can be full of tricks. He was bought by King Dedede when he became dissatisfied with the speed of Chef Kawasaki's new delivery service. Basically, he was mainly bought just to ruin Kawasaki's restaurant by delivering his goods to the people who did not order them.

The Delivery Man later also turns out to have been hunting down Kirby. At first, Kirby seems too weak and slow to outrun the Delivery Man, but thanks to Meta Knight, an engine cut off of the DM's bike allows Kirby to become Jet Kirby, therefore proving much stronger and faster than the DM. Kirby finally destroys the Delivery Man with his Jet Cracker attack, seeing to it that he, according to Escargoon, has just made his last delivery.

Physical Appearance and Abilities

The Delivery Man is a red robot on wheels. He wears a white helmet with a gray visor, flames on each side, and yellow spikes, and he has gloves and gray legs and black shoes. He rides a one-wheeled motorcycle with a white gem like light bulb on its front, a black inner wheel, gold pipes and engines, and a window, as well as a control pad. The bike's front can open up and reveal a golden cannon that fires missiles. The Delivery Man's specialty is his excellency in deliveries and high speed.

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