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Dell Toledo (real name Wendell) is a strongman of the Freak Show. He is a supporting antagonist in American Horror Story: Freak Show, primarily portrayed by Michael Chiklis.


Dell was originally the strongman of a vaudeville troupe and eventually married a successful Ethel, a bearded lady who was madly in love with him. He eventually convinced her to let him be her manager and do solo acts instead of moving to Paris with the troupe. He convinced her that the upperclass would rather see her do cultured acts than comedy vaudeville, and changed her performances to reciting Shakespeare on stage, which was a complete failure.

At one point they were broke and unemployed, and Ethel was carrying their unborn child. Out of desperation, Dell arranged a show and charged tickets to let people watch Ethel give birth to their son, Jimmy Darling, who was born with deformed fingers. To squeeze more money out of the show, he offered to let the audience carry the "monster baby" for money, though many were repulsed to want to. Later on, in a drunken stupor, Dell became irritated with Jimmy's crying and tried killing him as a baby, claiming it as an act of mercy due to his deformity. Ethel pointed a gun at him then told him to leave, and he never returned for their son.

During that time, he met and married his second wife, Desiree, a woman with three breasts. They were in a successful troupe but had to leave when Dell killed a man he caught sleeping with his wife.


Parts of his personality shows that he is a ruthless person, who doesn't care about anyone else but himself. When under pressure of loosing or facing no income, Dell tends to reveal his ruthless side, as when Jimmy was born and due to Ethel being unable to perform Dell made the birth a freak act. 


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