I. HATE. Dwarves.
~ Dellamorta expressing her hatred of the 7 Dwarves.

Dellamorta is the main antagonist of the 2013 German computer-animated film The Seventh Dwarf. She is an evil ice fairy who wanted to have revenge against the king for denying her of her own "true love's kiss".

She was voiced by Nina Hagen.


In the film, it was revealed that Dellamorta had cursed Princess Rose 18 years ago by ensuring that she would prick her finger on a pebble, which would sprout a long needle and place everyone in a sleeping curse. However, it didn't happen as Rose was revealed to have been wearing a suit of armor for said years.

Unfortunately, Bobo accidentally touched a different part of the pebble and initiated the curse anyway. While Jack was kidnapped earlier by Burny, the entire castle was encased with sleeping ice. Later, when Burny decided to turn against Dellamorta, she froze him and took Jack back to the kingdom.

Back at the castle, the dwarves realized that Jack was under a hypnosis spell and it made him try to kiss Dellamorta. Upon interference, Dellamorta had engaged everyone in the final battle. By the time Jack fell off the structure, Burny came back to the rescue. But before he had a chance, Dellamorta drank the "unstoppable" potion and froze Burny once more.

She readied her magic to kill off Jack for good, but thanks to Bobo's inability to tie his shoe, his laces had carried the magic mirror around and reflected Dellamorta's magic against her, thus ironically freezing her.


  • Like other characters (who were based off of classic fairy tales) in the film, Dellamorta was based off the Snow Queen from the story with the same name.
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