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Delmar is the supporting antagonist in the 1993 live action film Cliffhanger. He is one of Eric Qualen's henchman.

He was portrayed by Craig Fairbrass.


Delmar was Qualen's soccer buddy before becoming his henchman as he joined Qualen in his plan to steal $100 million dollars in uncirculated $1,000 bills for international banking transactions from a U.S. Treasury transport plane flying over the isolated Rocky Mountains.

Despite the fact that he worked with Eric and the rest of his henchmen, he did not get along with one of his partners in crime, Kynette. Delmar seems to be the most sadistic of the group, given that when two teenagers were base jumping in the mountains they were invading as part of their plan, Delmar laughs when Kynette shoots one of them and even hands him a gun so he can shoot the other.

As they are taking Hal Tucker hostage once they are discovered, Delmar shoots the Search-and-Rescue pilot, Frank (who is unaware of their true agenda) to death before Hal can warn him.

When Delmar is left with Hal to kill him, instead of finishing the job right away, he beats Hal by kicking him and nearly throws him off the cliff they're on. However, Hal manages to stab Delmar in one of his legs with a hidden knife and shoots him to death.



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