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Delos Incorporated is a massive global company that owns countless industires, like Delos Destonations, where Westworld is located. The company serves as the overarching antagonist in season 1 and 2 of HBO's Westworld.



The company was founded by Scottish-Amercian buisnessman James Delos at some point in the early 21st Century, which made him a wealthy man. The original industry of the company was is not known, but by the time James' son, Logan Delos, was known to invest into promising upcoming startups.

Discovering Westworld & Ultimate Project

One of this startups is the Argos Initiative, that developed human-like androids, known as the Hosts. This impressed Logan a lot, and after several visits to an artifical park filled with said androids, Westworld, he started to consider investing more in it. On one of these trips, Logan was framed by his future brother-in-law William as a lunatic and irresponsible son, which led to James Delos disowning Logan. William, who then married Juliet Delos, became the heir and managed to buy Westworld, creating Delos Destinations. The park became a economic success, and five more parks were openend over the years, each with own historical setting.  Besides the park, William saw potential in collecting data from the guests: surveillance footage, as well as DNA and coognative scans. The ultimate goal was to copy a human mind and place it into a host body. This secret project was desgined to "sell immortality" to the world's wealthiest. Several secret facilities were built inside Westworld, where this porject was tested.

Host uprising

By 2051, the project was nearly ready, but an uprising caused by Dolores Abernathy and other hosts who had achieved sentience. In this time several board members like Charlotte Hale were killed, as did key other key personnel, such as Robert FordKarl Strand and Theresa Cullen. By the end William was the only known survivor who had any real power inside the company, though several other employees were still alive as well.


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