Delroy Baker is a supporting antagonist of Season Three of the TV show Justified. He is the abusive, oxycontin addicted owner of the Harlan brothel Audrey's who is later responsible for a robbery and the subsequent murder of one of his prostitutes. He was portrayed by William Mapother.


Delroy first appears in the episode "When the Guns Come Out", in which he sends prostitutes Ellen May and Trixie to retrieve a shipment of oxycontin from a clinic for him. However, criminal Tanner Dodd, henchman of Robert Quarles, a rival oxycontin producer, arrives at the clinic and guns down Trixie and the doctor in charge of the clinic, forcing Ellen May to hide. When she returns, Delroy orders her to go to another oxy clinic, as he needs oxycontin to support his drug habit. Ellen May is reluctant, but he persuades her to go. However, she discovers that the clinic is run by Tanner, as Quarles opened it once the other one was out of the way. Seeing Tanner, Ellen May runs, and is confronted by Delroy, who throws her against a wall and shouts at her for failing to retrieve the oxy. She tells Delroy that the killer was running the clinic, but Delroy says that he cannot tolerate her failing him twice, and brutally beats her. Later, both Ava Crowder and US marshal Raylan Givens arrive to talk to Ellen May about the shooting. Delroy finds them talking to her and pulls a knife on them, but is threatened by Raylan and leaves. He later continues to attempt to intimidate Raylan, but Raylan pistol-whips him and orders him to make sure Ellen May doesn't get hurt. When Delroy once again tries to intimidate him, Raylan kicks him and he agrees to make sure Ellen May is safe.

Two episodes later, in "Loose Ends", Delroy, Ellen May, and two other prostitutes, Krystal and J.J., drive down to a cash outlet and attempt to rob it at gunpoint. However, one of the customers shoots Krystal in the stomach, forcing them to retreat. Krystal then dies of blood loss, and Delroy orders the others to dump her body in a slurry pond. He then attempts to dispose of the witnesses by shooting J.J. dead and firing at Ellen May as she runs from him. Ava later calls him and gives up Ellen May's location. However, when Delroy arrives to kill her, Ava ambushes him and shoots him in the stomach. Ellen May then dumps his body in the slurry pond where he dumped the others, and his body is later discovered by the KSP in Season Four.

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