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Delu-Knight is a major antagonist in Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger. He is the Chairman of the Board, instead of a regular sub-section chief. His signature attack is the Delusion Mirage slash.


Season 1

Delu-Knight was summoned by Doctor Z to be his new lieutenant when he laid off the 40 remaining sub-section Chiefs.

At first he considered Takuma Tsuzuki to be his fated rival. When the show became cut short, he switched his focus to defeating Nobuo Akagi instead. As the show neared its finale, Delu-Knight gunned down Doctor Z and Malshina and seized control of the Blatantly Evil Marketing Firm B. He attempted to have a final battle with the Akibarangers but they refused, not wanting the show to end just yet. He was then shot in the chest by Doctor. Z, who had temporarily regained control over himself. However, he quickly loses control once again and calls upon Boomerang Titan and revives Delu-Knight to pilot the giant robot. However, Akiba Yellow throws a soda can at one of the boomerangs, causing it to fly back to the mecha and destroy Delu-Knight.

Season 2

Season Two retconned his defeat. According to its recap, he made a portal to the underworld and summoned three sub-section chiefs. After the three-day fight, the monsters were beaten. Delu-Knight was killed by the Ludicrous Cannon, despite being able to deflect a single blast in Season One.

He was later revived by Malshina using the death of Kameari Alpaca in Episode. 10, which she also used to recreate the Blatantly Evil Marketing Firm B. He quickly overpowers the Akibarangers, due to Malshina reversing the victory and defeat flags. However, Akiba Red figures out what Malshina did and triggers several of the defeat flags, allowing him to defeat Delu-Knight.


  • Like Malshina and Doctor Z, Delu-Knight has a shorter name than most of the Akibaranger's foes.
  • Nobuo notes his similarities to Bio Hunter Silva.
  • His Delusion Mirage attack resembles Joe Gibken's and the late Sid Bamick's sword technique.
  • The "Delu" in his name comes from the word "Delusion". Ironically, he finds delusions "stupid".
  • He apparently has a fiancée.

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