Deluge is a supervillain from the Marvel comics. He is an opponent of the X-Men, especially the weather-manipulating mutant known as Storm.


Deluge was born in an unnamed African village, with the pigmentation of an albino. His skin color made him an outcast as he was growing up, and he tended to wander far from his village. Once, his wanderings brought him to a camp of American scientists, who took him into their custody after he was caught examining their files. Unwilling to set him free for fear of what he might have learned, the Americans taught him English. Several months later, he was overcome by appendicitis, and was flown back to America, where his life was saved by an African doctor. He became friends with this doctor, but despised the way he had been treated by his own people, and by the Americans. Finally, one day, his rage was unleashed in a blast of energy. It was then that he learned he was a mutant, with the power to control the environment. Wishing to lash out with his newfound power, he returned to Africa, and combatted the "weather goddess" Ororo Munroe, and took command of a powerful storm.

As the storm raged on, Deluge discovered the unconscious body of the X-Man Cyclops, who had fallen from the sky. He was greatly impressed with Cyclops' power to fire solar energy from his eyes, but testing his powers brought the attention of Cyclops' teammates Marvel Girl and the Beast, with Ororo. The three mutants attempted to defeat Deluge, but his abilities were far greater than theirs. Deluge tied his defeated foes to wooden stakes, then prepared to drown them in a flood.

Escaping from their bonds, the three heroes again engaged Deluge, and while Ororo battled him in the skies, Marvel Girl removed Cyclops' visor, striking Deluge with his optic blasts. Although Deluge was able to absorb this energy, the constant stream of solar energy overloaded Deluge, and he exploded.

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