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Old Gems ruin everything. That's why new Gems like us have to fix it.
~ Demantoid's ultimate plan.

Demantoid is one of the two main antagonists and a boss in "Steven Universe: Unleash the Light". She was an Era-2 Garnet who was a former holder of the remaining Light Prisms.

She is voiced by Melissa Fahn, who also voiced Gaz Membrane from Invader Zim.


With Limb Enhancers

Demantoid's build was similar to that of Hessonite and Pyrope but smaller. She has lime skin and a dark green hairstyle resembling an afro. She has a unibrow and a yellow eyepatch-like visor on her right eye. She wore a black and green uniform with shoulder pads. Due to her small size, she utilized Limb Enhancers programmed with her Prism bigger than those of other Homeworld Gems functioning as a mech of sorts. Her rectangular-faceted gemstone was located on her forehead above her hairline.

Without Limb Enhancers

Without her Limb Enhancers, she was short like Peridot 5-XG before her second regeneration.


Demantoid acted in a robotic manner rarely showing emotions, and speaking in a calm yet analytical tone. When angry, her expressions changed drastically and she could be very fierce and temperamental. She firmly believed older Gems ruined everything and that newer Gems like her had to fix it. She got frustrated when her Limb Enhancers were taken away with her Prism and even more frustrated at Pyrope.


Unleash the Light

Demantoid first shows up on a monitor at Pyrope's castle refusing to hand over her Prism alongside the latter.

Demantoid later shows up in her world as the second boss in the game. After defeating her, Demantoid attempts to take the Prism of Hessonite known as George but is stopped by Bismuth and an army of other Bismuths. She does manage to take the Prism Box made by Bismuth however and retreats back to Pyrope's castle.

She then teams up with Pyrope to capture George and transform the three Prisms into a massive six-armed robot. After Demantoid and Pyrope are defeated and Steven snaps George out of his trance, Bismuth uses the Prism Box to suck in Pyrope and Demantoid's Prisms, as well as Demantoid's Limb Enhancers. This causes both of them to lash out at each other, causing the two of them to poof each other during the scuffle. Hessonite later takes Demantoid and Pyrope's gemstones to watch over them in case they regenerate.


  • She is the fourth Gem that wore Limb Enhancers. The first was Peridot, second was Squaridot, and third was Amethyst.
  • The Demantoid race of gems was mentioned by Blue Diamond in the episode, "Together Alone" along with Pyropes.



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