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Demencia is one of the protagonist villains of the 2017 series Villainous. She is the crazy assistant of Black Hat, who constantly tries to get her boss to like her, to no avail.

She was voiced by Meli G in the original Spanish dub and by Melaney Sems in the English dub.


Demencia overall started off assisting Black Hat's dirty work to be able to impress Black Hat and get him to fall in love with her. A cliché ongoing motive that is still going throughout the series.


Demencia has a navy blue vest with a hood that has a reptilian animal on it, presumably a dragon, with her large ponytail coming out of it. She has pink and lime green hair and one eye with a yellow iris. She has blue and red mismatched shoes and leggings, with a metal cuff on one of her ankles.


Demencia is as a energetic, hysterical, mischievous, craving for destruction and troublemaker girl. She also seem to be madly in love with Black Hat, as shown further in "The Perception of Evil" when Demencia created a muscular version of him and lovingly clings to him. Despite this, as shown in "Foul Flower" and "Black Hat Organization Q&A", the thought of Black Hat being a hero is very upsetting to her. Demencia is shown to be scatterbrained, as she tends to go through things without any thought or thinking.

As seen in The Dreadful Dawn it has been shown that Demencia has an intense cannibalistic mentality in three instances;

First: she was eating a superhero that was lowered into her pit, during her introduction.

Second: she was eating a cheerleader slowly gnawing and pulling her while wearing her lizard hood over her face when trying to lure out Sunblast.

Third: she was seen catching and swallowing an escaped shrunken Sunblast using her tongue like a frog.





  • In "The Note of Destruction", she is shown to play the electric guitar well.
  • She is likely named after the mental illness of the same name, demencia, known in English as dementia.
    • Whether or not she actually has dementia is unclear.
  • In the background of one of the shorts, a blueprint for what appears to be Demencia appears, suggesting she was created by Dr. Flug and/or Black Hat.
  • A theory suggests that in the past; Demencia was a normal girl with a kind and polite personality, who at some point, she was kidnapped by Black Hat and experienced by Flug, making her what she is now.
  • Demencia is around 19-20 years old.
    • Given that the series is set in 2019, Demencia's year of birth could be in 1999 or 2000.
  • Demencia's birthday is on April 1st.
    • Demencia's zodiac sign is Aries.
  • Demencia is a fan of Happy Tree Friends.
  • Demencia might be based on the concept of the character Harley Quinn.
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