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Zeus, your son has returned! I bring the destruction of Olympus!
~ Kratos to Zeus in ending of God of War II and beginning of God of War III.

Demigods are children born of a god and a mortal human (Half Human, Half God) who serve as a various range of characters (from minor to significant) characters in the God of War series.


Demigods in the God of War universe are darker and more villainous than the original versions of the said demigods in the mythology: most of the Demigods are enemies towards Kratos (who is also also a Demigod), whether it be tasked to kill him, Kratos is in their way, or they provoked him to fight them.

These versions of the demigods have had their past altered which is shown by Perseus as he was unable to save his love from the Kraken and had partially gone insane due to the sister's trials. Hercules is a different example because he was possessed by the evils which made him harbor feelings of hatred towards Kratos.

Known Demigods

  • Kratos: Son of Zeus and Callisto
  • Deimos: Son of Zeus and Callisto, younger brother of Kratos.
  • Hercules: Son of Zeus and Alcmene. Champion of Hera. God of Strength.
  • Theseus: Son of Poseidon and an Aethra. Guardian of the Steeds of Time.
  • Perseus: Son of Zeus and Danae.
  • Pollux: Son of Zeus and Leda. 
  • Peirithous: Son of Zeus and Dia 
  • Magni: Son of Thor and unknown Giant. Favorite son of Thor. God of Might.
  • Modi: Son of Thor and an unknown woman. God of Bravery
  • Atreus/Loki: Son of Kratos and Laufey/Faye. Future God of Mischief, Evil, Deception, Artifice, Magic, Lies, Fire, Serpents, Stories, and Trickery.



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