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The Demon of Destruction (in Japanese: 破壊の悪魔, Hakai no Akuma), also called "The Demon" (in Japanese: 悪魔, Akuma), is the final boss from the very first Ninja Gaiden video game.



700 years ago, a powerful demon was unleashed upon the world. It caused death and destruction everywhere it went. People were unable to stop it. A ninja known as Shinobi mustered the courage to face the demon. By using a powerful weapon known as the Dragon Sword, Shinobi managed to defeat the demon. Although Shinobi defeated the demon, he was unable to kill it. He decided to trap the demon's essence into a pair of statues. Each statue was given a name: the Statue of Light and the Statue of Darkness. Shinobi hid the statues in an Amazonian temple. A prophecy was said that if the statues were aligned during a dark moon, the demon would awaken. If awakened, the demon would unleash death and destruction upon the world again.


Hundreds of years later in the 20th century, two men were exploring the Amazonian rain forest in South America. They were archaeologist Dr. Walter Smith and Jô Hayabusa who was the leader of the Dragon Ninja clan. During the expedition, they stumbled into the temple where the statues were hidden. By reading the prophesy written on a stone tablet, Walter and Jô realized that the statues were extremely dangerous. As a precaution, they took the statues for safe keeping. Jô kept the Statue of Light whereas Walter kept the Statue of Darkness. Afterwards, Walter and Jô went there separate ways: Walter returned to North America while Jô returned to Japan.

Hostile Takeover

Decades later, the Amazonian temple was seized by an evil magician named Jaquio. He rebuilt the temple into his personal stronghold. Jacquio compiled an army of warriors to be his servants. Jacquio found the tablet and read it. Discovering the prophecy, Jacquio decided to summon the demon but he needed the statues. He sent two of his warriors to find the statues. Bloody Malth searched for the Statue of Light whereas Basaquer searched for the Statue of Darkness.

Search for the Statues



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