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The Demon of Song is a minor antagonist and boss in Dark Souls II. This grotesque frog-like monster mimics the singing of the Milfanito to lure human prey to its lair.


The Demon of Song was an ancient monster that brought havoc to Drangleic due to its appetite for human flesh. That was until it was finally captured and sealed within the Shrine of Amana. For generations, the priestesses of the shrine performed sacred rituals to keep the demon at bay. However, with the Curse of the Undead infecting Drangleic, the priestesses have since either died or went hollow, allowing the demon to escape its imprisonment to continue its traits of eating people.

The Demon of Song moved further up the Shrine of Amana, residing in a partially flooded arena. It mimics the singing of the Milfanito that reside in the shrine, luring people to its lair for it to devour. The Bearer of the Cursed encounters two Milfanito in the shrine, but when investigating a third singing source, they find it coming from the Demon of Song rather than a maiden. Once it detects the player, it stops singing and immediately attacks them.

The Demon of Song's thick skin is extremely resilient to all attacks with the exception of the hollow face and arms inside its mouth, which it covers up as it moves. The demon attacks by falling on the player, or using its lanky arms to grab or slam on the player. It also has a projectile move that it can use from afar where it spits out balls of water. The Demon of Song moves and attacks slowly, but its attacks deal a significant amount of damage.

Killing the Demon of Song makes it drop the Key to the Embedded, which can be used to unlock the door with the Embedded on it in Drangleic Castle, and the cell imprisoning the Milfanito in Drangleic Castle who rewards the player with the Ring of the Dead. After she is freed, the other Milfanito in the Shrine of Amana will reward the player with Divine Blessings for silencing the "cursed singing".



  • The Demon of Song Soul can be consumed for 12,000 souls or traded with Straid of Olaphis to obtain the Spotted Whip.
    • The Spotted Whip is highly poisonous, despite the Demon of Song itself not dealing any poison damage when fought.
  • How exactly the Demon of Song obtained the Key to the Embedded is unclear.
  • To respawn the Demon of Song, a Bonfire Ascetic must be used on the Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire.
  • The Demon of Song is weak to lightning, but resistant to fire.


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