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You don't know the depths to which humanity can sink, my young friend. But I do. Over the centuries, I've seen hundreds of horrors that would blast your soul! Come let me show you what mankind is really like.

Demona is the main antagonist in the TV series Gargoyles and a recurring enemy of the Manhattan clan.

She was voiced by Marina Sirtis who later on voiced Queen Bee in Young Justice.


We must be united and strong. And willing to deal with the humans as they would deal with us! Goliath thinks we can hide amidst the humans like mice and hope for their understanding. This is not possible.
~ Demona to Brooklyn

Having a deep hatred of humanity, many of her plans revolved around the extermination of the human race so that Gargoyles could live in peace (or simply to appease her thirst for vengeance). It is also noted that Demona hates humans as a way of dealing with the intense guilt she feels at having been a part of the events that led to the massacre of her clan (Her betrayal of the humans her clan guarded by night ultimately led to the slaughter of nearly all of them both gargoyle and human).

Her actions are also directly responsible for creating gargoyle killing hunters which drive her race close to extinction. For the next thousand years she ultimately double crosses every group she comes into contact with always ending up alone.


We've dreamed for a thousand years, Goliath. It's time for our dreams to come true.
I have a name, too, Goliath. The humans gave it to me long ago. You should know it before you die. I am... Demona.
~ Demona before her first attempt to kill Goliath
What would you do? Capture him for human justice? He'd be out of jail in a day.
~ Demona to Brooklyn as they see a woman being mugged.
They can't even share their homes without fighting. What makes you think they will share this world with us.
~ Demona to Brooklyn as they see a couple arguing, with their child running away crying.
They hold each other's lives completely without worth. And you think they will accept us with open arms?
~ Demona and Brooklyn witness a crime scene with a dead body in an ambulance


  • Although Xanatos acts as the main antagonist (having awakened the gargoyles), he never quite sinks to the depths Demona does when she turns her coat. Plus, she is the true main antagonist due to the fact that she had bigger plans than him and was far more dangerous.

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