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Demonix (also known as Sulfurix in the French dubbed version and Pyritix in the Finnish dubbed) is the main antagonist of Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion. He is a former druid and arch-nemesis to Getafix.

In the French dub he's voiced by Daniel Mesguich while in the English dub he's voiced by Michael Shepherd.


He was once a successful druid that was outclassed by Getafix and began abusing his newfound power of controlling fire for his own selfish desire, resulting in him being banished from the council of druids and living in exile until many years he found out Getafix was searching for a successor by one of his missing boars.

Demonix attended the council meeting, ignoring his banishment and offered himself as Getafix' successor. When he refused, Demonix tried to attack him, but was stopped by Asterix. Realizing he couldn't use his petrifying spell on him as it's only working on people with a weak will, he fled, causing the notes with names of possible successors to get out of order while he himself took the name of the best, Teleferix. During his escape, he noticed how his spell could still affect Obelix.

Demonix then went right to Julius Caesar and offered him the recipe in return for ownership of the druids' forest.

He later met with Teleferix and taught him a recipe for a potion to create butterflies made of light. This effect impressed Getafix as, just like hos own powder that had been dismissed by the council back when he and Demonix had their final exam, it's beatufil, but without purpose. Getafix takes Teleferix as his successor.

Meanwhile, Demonix accidentally set the forest of the druids on fire when his anger caused his cloak to catch fire and Roman senator Tomcrus accidentally threw it into the forest. Demonix dismissed the senator's concern about doing something against the forest fire and started laughing at the sight of the forest of his former colleagues burning.

Later, Getafix, although being horrified by the burnt forest, told Teleferix the recipe, however when he realized that Teleferix was lacking respect for traditions as he refused to rebuild a stone pramid after accidentally making it fall apart, he lies to Teleferix about having him told everything. Hearing that the Gauls in the village have no more potion to fight against the Romans, Teleferix and the others raced back to the village, with Getafix gathering the ingredients for his potion. The bag with the ingredients was then taken by Demonix, who also used his spell to petrify Obelix. When Getafix rushed into the village to make a new potion with the ingredients in his cottage, Demonix convinced Teleferix to make the potion to save the village. Teleferix mixes the potion, but Demonix realized that Getafix didn't trust him completely and didn't tell him the secret ingredient. When the young Gaul Pectine pushed him away, Demonix' flame powder fell into the potion. Drinking it, Demonix gained the ability to throw fireballs and eventually became a magma-like monster.

With his new powers, Demonix fired at the village and the Romans, causing them all to flee. He then confronted Getafix, taunting him about being no real druid anymore as he always made one potion and couldn't do anything else anymore. Demonix then demanded the recipe for the magic potion, but Getafix refused, telling him he would rather die than telling it Demonix. Just as Demonix was about to kill Getafix, he was hit by Obelix, who had been freed of his paralysis by Asterix. Meanwhile, Pectine used the rest of the ingredients from the bag to mix a new potion, having been told the final ingredient to be a powder in Getafix' golden sickle. The potion was then given to the Gauls, who increased their speed to extinguish the fires in their village. However, Demonix then drank the spilled potion of another druid and grew into a giant monster.

In order to get their help, the other druids gave the potion to the Romans as well. Together, both Gauls and Romans attacked Demonix, but they were unable to hurt him in his condition. Getafix then used his powder he had presented back then to the council to put the Roman soldiers together into one giant being that was strong enough to be a match for Demonix. When Obelix piloted the creature, it was strong enough to punch Demonix into the sky, where he ended up flying in space until bumping into an asteroid, falling back to Earth, right onto the pirate ship.

Powers and Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis - Demonix is very skilled in this power, being able to control and conjure fire. Upon consuming the fire potion, he was granted greater power over it and became a magma-like being.
  • Petrifying spell - This ability is used by using a flame to spin around to petrify weak-minded people, it was ineffective on Asterix.
  • Potion creation - He is like many other druids able to create potions as shown being able to teach Teleferix how it's done.
  • Manipulation - Demonix is a master manipulator, being able to convince the Romans to work with him and trick Teleferix into brewing the Magic Potion for him.


  • He's left-handed.
  • He is so far the only evil druid to appear in the Asterix franchise as well closest to have ever destroyed the village.
  • He is the first main antagonist in the movies to threaten both Gauls and Romans.
  • Demonix' appearance is similar to another villain of the franchise, the Soothsayer.
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