Play the best song in the world or I'll eat your souls!
~ Tord Demon to Edd and Matt

The Demons have appeared as antagonists in two of Eddsworlds videos, Tribute and Hello Hellhole, as well as in the game Bang, Boom, Splat!. They are red men with horns, a forked tail and big muscles.

Some have wings (Tord Demon). They live in Hell, but can also leave it. Their hobby is to eat people's souls. In Hell, they work in the Sinner Squishing room or punish and attack sinners with various weapons. However, they are quite polite to tourists who visit Hell, and don't harm them.



When Edd and Matt walk through the desert, suddenly the demon that looks like Tord appears in front of them. He asks them to play the best song in the world or he will eat his souls. They eventually do it, much to his shock and disappointment.

Hello Hellhole

Demon Hammer

Demon hits a sinner with a hammer

Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord visit Hell as tourists, they are amazed by looking at demons, punishing sinners. They attack sinners with axes and chainsaws (à la Jason Voorhees).

Other people are chased by a giant monster or are burning in pain. There is also a special conveyer where the devil hits every sinner with a big hammer. Another attraction for tourists is Personal Hells section where Lucifer works.

Bang, Boom, Splat!

Edd participates an experiment to test a new drug. Unfortunately, he chugs the pill down with Coca Cola instead of water, not realizing it is a harmful combination. Edd then becomes insane, has hallucinations and shoots everyone around him. In level 1, he fights some demons. They can fly, have goofy smiles, smaller horns, no tail, smaller muscles and green blood.

Their skin is also murky red instead of typical bright red. They can be easily defeated by one shot from a shotgun. The boss is a leader of demons (not Lucifer). In the epilogue of the game, Edd is caught and taken away in the back of a van, tied up in a straight jacket. Suddenly, the leader of the demons appears in font of him and the van can be seen driving into the distance. It is unknown what the fate of Edd or the demon leader is.


  • One of the demons wears a hockey mask, similar to Jason Voorhees or Hockey Mask Wearing Freak, another villain from Eddsworld.
  • The theme music of Hell is Emerald Sword by Rhapsody of Fire.
  • The elevator to Hell seemingly goes very slowly, but it actually goes at max speed, spinning around and falling down to Hell, while Dargor by Rhapsody of Fire is played.


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