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The Demons served as supporting antagonists in the 2019 American supernatural superhero film Hellboy.


Some of the demons were quickly seen in a vision in which Hellboy would lead them to destroy humanity while riding on a large dragon-like beast.

The demons were released from Hell when Hellboy pulled Excalibur from the stone after Nimue killed Trevor Bruttenholm. Several different types of these creatures started to rampage throughout the streets, killing and torturing any humans they encountered, with one large demon even destroying the Tower Bridge.

Eventually, all demons were sent back to Hell and also Nimue's head, after Bruttenholm's ghost managed to appeal to Hellboy's humanity.

Types of demons

There were several different types of demons that were released from the Hell:

Winged demons

The winged demons were numbered in the hundreds, if not thousands. They were seen flying all around London, picking up people and tearing them apart.

Blade-handed demon

Screenshot 20200924-193324 YouTube.jpg

This demon had an enormous blade for an right hand. The creature notably grabbed a business man and skinned him with his weapon.

Fire demon

This demon appeared to be formed from human-arms and legs, with it having two large arms that are floating detached from it's arms. It could also breath fire on people. During it's rampage it killed dozens of people.

Giant Nyarlathotep-like demon

This large demon bears an resemblance to the Outer God Nyarlathotep. The creature destroyed the Tower Bridge, killing hundreds of civilians in the process.

Screenshot 20200924-193437 YouTube.jpg

=== Horned demon === This demon looked like a giant human skeleton with big horns, as well as long spear-like legs, which it used to impale people. The creature seems to have skewered at least half a dozen people during it's rampage

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  • The large demon that destroyed the Tower Bridge resembles Nyarlathotep.



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