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The Demons are major recurring antagonists in the Souls series, serving as the titular central antagonists of Demon's Souls and major recurring antagonists in the Dark Souls trilogy.

Their importance is various from one game to another, turning them from minor enemies into extremely dangerous threats.


Demon's Souls

In Demon's Souls, the Demons are the main enemies the player must face. They spawned in the city of Boletaria, brought in the city by the Old One, an ancient entity known as the original and first ever demon, who decided to spread all of his demons throughout all of Boletaria to devour the souls of all humans in the city.

Dark Souls Trilogy

Demons appear as recurring antagonists throughout the entire Dark Souls Trilogy, usually having the sole purpose to stand in the player’s way trying to kill them, sometimes as optional enemies, some easily avoidable, some others who become obligatory in some circumstances.

The Demons came to be when the Witch of Izalith attempted to duplicate the First Flame, which created the Flame of Chaos instead. The Flame of Chaos spread its flames across Lordran, transforming its victims into monstrous demons, including the Witch herself who became the Bed of Chaos. Despite the Chosen Undead defeating the monster, the Flame of Chaos still withered on.


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