Denali is a supporting antagonist of the 2016 action western film The Magnificent Seven. He is Bartholomew Bogue's Comanche assassin.

He is portrayed by Jonathan Joss.


Denali is first seen entering a church that the townspeople of Rose Creek are holding a meeting with Bogue, McCann, and a few of their men. They chase the townspeople out of it and burn the church. Denali witnessed Bogue kill Matthew Cullen and McCann and his men kill some other men of the town. He also kills a woman who was attempting to flee by throwing an axe at her. He then leaves the town with Bogue.

When the Sheriff of Rose Creek arrives saying that they lost control of the town thanks to seven gunmen. After Bogue kills the Sheriff, He orders Denali and McCann to form an army to take back control of the valley.

Denali leads the men once they get to the town but they are out gunned by the seven and the towns people. During the battle he kills Jack Horne by shooting him several times with arrows. He then attempts to kill Emma Cullen but is ambushed by Red Harvest who stabs him in the heart, calls him a disgrace, and lets him fall to his death on a table.