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And now, my brave creations, I'll leave you to finish off the rest of them... It shouldn't take long! Look how weak they are!
~ Denise

Denise Daniels is the overarching antagonist of Criminal Case: The Conspiracy who first appeared in the case Up In Flames.

She is the head of Space and Aeronautics Research Agency (S.A.R.A) who first approaches the Grimsborough Police Department as an ally who tries to solve the mysteries behind Dreamwork's Meteorite, until it is revealed later in the game that the activities and the cataclysm caused by the meteorite was all her doings to destroy the entire world and their inhabitants to create an new world order.


Denise Daniels appears in the case "Up In flames" after the player arrests the killer of Toni Marconi, Mayor Joe Warren orders Gloria and the player to retrieve all data of DreamLife's activities under the dome to help in the transfer of control over Space and Aeronautics Research Agency, Later. Denise Meets The Player at Cathy's Laboratory after the data self-destructs, which Denise accompanied the player to DreamLife CEO Rozetta Pierre's office, where they found the override device and retrieved it.

In the Case "To Kingdom Come", the police discovers After talking to Bateman, the team discovers a phone which (per Cathy) Brock used to send a message confirming that the "deed was done" to Mayor Joe Warren, proving his affiliation with Bateman and the rest of Ad Astra. Ad Astra's 'Plan Supernova' which involves the usage of the meteorite, S.A.R.A personnel are sent there for clean up and retrieve the Meteorite, while Denise says that their investigation with the meteorite and ad astra has not been successful so far.

However, The Targets Of The Police has changed to Denise during the Case "Running Scared". Where Chief Parker and the player discovered that Denise had paid homeless man Danny Williams to watch out for Rozetta Pierre and that Rozetta's mother was after Ad Astra, leading to the team hypothesizing that Denise was either working for Rozetta's mother or actually was Rozetta's mother, which was revealed to be true in The Case “To Eternity And Beyond”, not to mention, she was also found responsible for various human experiments that were conducted in the past til today, and Rozetta was one of her experiments that she created before abandoning her, and using her once again just for the creation of an superhuman serum before abandoning her once again.

Soon, The team found Denise's personal safe, from which they found documents proving that Denise had found a way to catalyze a mega-earthquake even more powerful than the one that had rocked Grimsborough over six months prior to the game. The team then learned that the catalyst involved the core of the meteorite which S.A.R.A. Was investigating, which led the team to deduct that Denise was planning to Wipe Out all Human life On Grimsborough and later the entire world to turn it into the utopia of her Neohumans and ruling them over as their supreme god. Sometime later, The Neohumans Started to Destroy the Entire City, During the rampage, Ad astra, Teamed up With Grimsborough PD, have challenged Denise, And Denise killed her own daughter with her hands during the fight, and destroying the dome itself.

Her reign of terror, However, came to an end after the explosion at the dome, Julia Brine was reported dead and Joe Warren reported missing. With Denise Daniels' neohumans rampaging all over the city, the team was assigned to start the evacuation of the city's residents. A few hours later, Cathy told the team that her facial recognition system had spotted Denise at City Hall. There, Jones and the player found her head impaled on a statue, with a message from the killer implying that they had taken control over her army.


Denise is a ruthless, sadistic, opportunistic, and manipulative scientist, who intends on wiping out the world to replace humanity with the enhanced human species under her control, and showing no remorse for her sadistic plan, which eventually turns to showing that she will do anything to achieve that goal. Her opportunistic personality shows that she will do anything to achieve human extinction, which includes using, disowning and manipulating Rozetta once again under the false impression of giving Rozetta the chance to impress her, hiring the lawyer to give him power once human extinction is succeeded before silencing him once he is outlived his usefulness, and in the end killing her daughter with her own hands, before laughing about her death.


  • Denise is one of the characters to have physically appeared in four districts of The Conspiracy.
  • Denise is one of the characters to appear as a suspect twice.
  • Denise is one of the characters to appear as a quasi-suspect twice.
  • Denise's death at the hands of her son is one of the instances of domestic homicide in The Conspiracy.
  • Denise physically resembles Melissa McCarthy, an American actress and comedian.

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