Denise Partney

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Denise Partney

Denise Partney is an antagonist from "Permanent Vacation", episode 6.08 of CSI: Miami.

She was portrayed by Leslie Hope.


Denise Partney is the wife of Roger Partney and the mother of their two sons, Brian and Shane; a family of Canadian tourists vacationing in Miami, when Brian was suddenly shot to death. Denise was shown briefly in the beginning of the episode, and returned in the final scenes, where she was encountered by Natalia Boa Vista. Natalia gave Denise a broken pocket watch that belonged to Brian, with the watched stopped at 10:10 - the time of his murder.

Brian was shot and killed by Vasco Torres, who did so under the orders of Mitch Pena as part of his initiation with a notorious gang known as Cobras - though, a side motive could have been jealousy due to Pena's girlfriend being seen with Brian. Denise asked Natalia to speak to Vasco, claiming that as Brian's mother, she wanted to know why he killed Brian. Natalia denied Denise's request, resulting in Denise appearing to walk away before walking back towards Vasco, who asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell him. Denise responded by telling Vasco that he killed her son, and later shot Vasco to death, establishing Denise's heel turn. After her vengeful and murderous act, the villainous Denise ended up handcuffed and arrested for her crimes at the very end of the episode.

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