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"I hate you! Phil was right about you! You're just a total slapper!".
~ Dennis arguing with his mother Sharon Watts before punching her in the face.
"I thought I was gonna...".
~ Dennis' last words.

Dennis "Denny" Rickman Jr. was a fictional character from British TV soap drama EastEnders. He was the son to established character Sharon Watts and the late Dennis Rickman, as well as the adoptive son of Sharon's estranged husband Phil Mitchell. While not a straightforward villain or evil character, Denny caused some trouble that resulted in his behavior impacting situations for his mother and their family. This continued up until he was killed-off in his last appearance on February 21st 2020.

He was the central character in 2012-2014, anti-hero in 2015-2019 and a minor antagonist/Posthumous protagonist/antagonist in 2020.

Dennis was played by actor Harry Hickles an later recasted by Bleu Landau.


Dennis Rickman Jr. was born on July 4th 2006, named after his father Dennis Rickman, who was stabbed and murdered by gangster Danny Moon under the orders of his mob boss Johnny Allen - after Dennis had beat up Johnny almost to death for threatening his wife and their child's mother Sharon Watts. Months later in Albert Square, Dennis' murder was avenged by Sharon's ex-lovers Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell when they brought Johnny to justice for his crimes as well as the murder of Dennis' gangland friend Andy Hunter; in the end, Danny was killed by his brother Jake Moon while Johnny was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment before he later died months later of a heart attack caused by his daughter's boyfriend Sean Slater.

Following Dennis' murder, Sharon left the square for six years - during which she gave birth to Denny. They returned in 2012 when Sharon's newfound prospect of another potential marriage ultimately resulted in Denny being kidnapped. She approached Phil for help, and together they rescued Denny at a wedding party; Phil then allowed Sharon and Denny to move in with him.

Denny (recasted by Bleu Landau) makes his first appearance as a minor character as he starts off as a student getting ready for his first day at school, packing away his lunch alongside Sharon before he leaves. Overtime, Denny became involved in some major storylines. One such instance was the "Who Killed Lucy Beale?" scenario when he finds out that the killer was his schoolmate Bobby Beale, and the boys had a number of incidents together that included Denny confronting Bobby for killing his sister Lucy as he was riding on his bike around Albert Square.

In 2018, Denny began meeting up with a gang led by their ringleader Jagger who are selling drugs around the square. One time he got confronted and harassed by his gang for not following their tasks and claiming he was a grass. Phil's employee Keanu Taylor stepped in to protect Denny which led to him getting beaten up by the gang. Dennis was beaten up as well and the gang ran away when Phil arrives to finish them all off. Phil has an argument with Keanu and orders him to get out of his house accusing him for being the reason he got Denny hurt. Sharon is not pleased to see Denny bag filled with stolen phones and packs of drugs. Sharon later deals with the gang by punching Jagger's right hand man Stix Redman, telling them to not return.

On 2019, his notable and defining moment is when he learns that Sharon and Keanu had an affair behind Phil's back - as well as discovering that their affair had resulted in Sharon getting pregnant which has been exposed on Christmas Day. Denny refuses to leave the pub with Sharon, calling her a liar and a cheat and he would rather stay and celebrate with Phil and his family. Sharon has been defeated and humiliated as she storms off outside in despair.

In early 2020, Denny regrets not leaving Walford with Phil and his ex-girlfriend Lisa Shaw and their daughter Louise. They have all planned to live a new life in Portugal to avoid imprisonment for Keanu's supposed murder. Phil is unhappy to hear about Keanu's status, who's still alive told by his son Ben Mitchell on the phone. Denny is not happy to see Keanu who's still alive, knowing Sharon has lied to Denny that Keanu was dead resulting in going to the boat party to spite Keanu and Sharon.

It was around this time that Denny had been causing trouble for Bobby, to the point where he got Bobby attacked by a group of thugs when they saw his face being labelled a "race traitor" on a social media post. When Louise's best friend Bex Fowler learns what Denny did to Bobby, she informs Bobby's father Ian Beale about this and he goes to confront Denny - who in the meantime had went to a boat party against his mother's reservations. After Ian arrives, he pins Denny against a wall to try and avenge his son's ordeal and ends up locking him in a room to do this after Denny initially bluffs Ian's threats.

It was in that moment that Phil and Keanu had both came on the boat in their confrontation over Keanu's affair with Sharon. However, their showdown caused the boat to crash and many people had their lives put at risk in the process. This prompted Ian to head back to the room where Denny is locked in, hoping to save him with a fire extinguisher that he uses to break down the door. Denny apologizes to Ian for what he did to Bobby amid the chaos, to which Ian accepts whilst trying to get Denny out of the room. They appear successful at first, but moments later the pair were consumed by a wave that took them both straight under water.

Ian and Denny were retrieved along with others from the boat by paramedics, though Denny remained unconscious whilst Ian was rushed to hospital and the others were watching to see if Denny would pull through. Unfortunately, it was clear seconds later that Denny had died from the wave when the paramedics were unable to revive him - much to everyone's surprise. Ian later finds out from his mother Kathy Beale that Denny has died, and he starts breaking down in tears on his death bed whilst hiding the fact that he got Denny killed by locking him in the room. Coincidentally, Sharon learns that her son is dead when Keanu visits her just moments after Sharon had given birth to their child in labor. Sharon blames Keanu for Denny's death and tells him she never wants to see him again; Keanu leaves Walford in disgrace, saying his final goodbyes to his mother Karen Taylor at the train station.

Sharon later attends Denny' funeral, organized with the help from Ian, who resolves to keep the secret hidden from Sharon to the point where he clashes with Denny's friend Dotty Cotton for discovering the truth about his fate. This goes on until Sharon finally learns the truth on the verge of Christmas, and she informs Phil about this before ordering him to kill Ian in order to avenge Denny's death. Phil attacks Ian in a mystery storyline dubbed "Who Attacked Ian Beale?", but doesn't succeed in killing him when Ben tries to kill Ian that same night. Sharon tries to kill Ian herself by poisoning him at dinner, but backs out at the last second and tells Ian about her revenge plan. She slaps Ian when he admits to his role behind her son's death, and Ian leaves the square in disgrace when Sharon is unable to forgive him. A year after Denny's death, the square learns the truth about Denny's death. Max finds out Sharon wanting to kill Ian Beale and learns that he locked Dennis in a room. Dotty was there and told everyone that she knew this all along and nobody believed her.

Months later, Sharon begins to buy a Gym in the memory of her son Denny.


1. Bobby Beale- Sprayed juice on his head in retribution and later orchestrated a social media threat, resulting in Bobby getting attacked by a group of thugs after he pushed Dennis to a coffee table.

2-3. Chatham and Riley Taylor - Threw numerous amounts of water bombs at them with his cohorts, unable to defend themselves due to being autistic.

4. Sharon Watts - After a heated argument due to his mother leaving Walford to go to Australia distancing away from Keanu Taylor over their affair, Dennis punches her in the face for abandoning him in the first place.

5. Bernadette Taylor - Threw an egg on her face in which he was supposed to aim for Keegan Baker.

6. Michelle Fowler - Kicked her in the leg for stealing his soccer ball and attempt to blackmail her over her illicit affair with a teenage boy.



  • Denny is one of the youngest characters in EastEnders who was killed off.
  • Denny is the fourth generation with the name Dennis to get killed off alongside his father Dennis Rickman, his grandfather Den Watts, and great-grandfather Dennis Watts I.
  • Sharon Watts brother Zack Hudson resembles alot like Dennis Rickman Jr. as an adult.