Yes we really want to hurt you! Yes we really want to make you cry!
~ Dennis & Elwood, to the tune of "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me"

Dennis and Elwood are the main antagonists of the 2004 comedy film Without A Paddle. Respectively, Dennis is seen as the intelligent of the two.

They are a pair of thuggish, dim-witted, redneck pot farmers and are first seen using dynamite to catch fish. The protagonists slip away unnoticed but later encounter the duo at their farm while trying to find civilization and are nearly killed. They flee from the angry farmers and accidentally burn down their marijuana fields.

For the rest of the film, Dennis and Elwood track the boys ( Jerry, Dan, and Tom ) down, who manage to stay one step ahead of them until they reach the top of a mountain. There, they discover that the farmers are working with the corrupt local sherrif to smuggle marijuana through the area. One of Elwood's grenades explodes and causes a tree to fall on them, and all three are subsequently arrested.