Dennis Jefferson, better known as Shiv, is the central antagonist of the 2014 Ubisoft Video Game The Crew. He was voiced by Jason Spisak in English and Akira Ishida in Japanese dub.

Dennis has been responsible for multiple murders of people, including Dayton Taylor, Shiv took Dayton's position as the V8 (the leader of the 5-10s) and made a sophisticated gang network out of it. he is also shown to work and co-operate with the secondary antagonist of the video game, Bill Coburn, interestingly enough, while Dennis is an outright criminal, Bill used to be an FBI Member, who later became a rogue and started working under Dennis not long after.


Dennis is a bit of a stereotypical evil villain, he is obnoxious and rude and is feared by many people.

While he is very evil and feared, he is still affable in a way, because as long as people respect him and work with him, he most likely won't do anything. Though he has backstabbed people. Making him quite untrustful too.

Villainous Acts

  • Along with Bill Coburn, framed Alex for killing Dayton.
  • After killing Dayton, took his place as the V8
  • Killed Roxanne's sister for no reason
  • Attempted murder at Alex
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