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NOTE: For the film series version of this character, click here.
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Dennis Nedry is the central antagonist of the 1990 science fiction novel Jurassic Park by the late Michael Crichton. He was a Jurassic Park computer programmer who, due to the low salary that left him struggling to make a living, turned on park owner John Hammond and stole dinosaur embryos to sell them to a rival company called Biosyn that has failed to make their own dinosaurs.



Dennis was originally from the city of Cambridge in Massachusetts and worked at Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. He eventually worked at the theme park located on the island of Isla Nublar, known as Jurassic Park, as the project supervisor of the Jurassic Park Project, were first told to "design a module for record-keeping". He always worked in the dark, and was never told anything.

Nedry became very annoyed by InGen, as John Hammond kept asking for things that were not part of his original contract, as well as the fact that InGen demanded that those things must be done. When Nedry refused to do so, lawsuits were threatened, and letters were written to his other clients, insinuating that he was an unreliable worker. With no other choice, Nedry chose to return and carry out his work, but not for extra money.

Jurassic Park

Soon after, the malicious Lewis Dodgson, who worked for Biosyn, approached Nedry, and they made a conspiracy to steal many dinosaur embryos from InGen, giving him a $1,500,000.00 payoff. Nedry accepted the offer, and even recorded one of their conversations as insurance, just in case Dodgson attempted to rip him off. Nedry then (or already) coded the trapdoor program Wht.Rht.Obj, which existed in a code that shut off all the security systems and electrified fences. This allowed Nedry to steal the dinosaur embryos. There was also a storm on the island.

On that very same night whence he carried out his plan and the storm struck the island, Nedry discreetly activated his secret computer protocol, which caused security systems to shut down all over the theme park, thus putting Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Lex, and Tim Murphy's lives all at risk, as they were then stranded in their tour vehicles outside the unmanned Tyrannosaurus rex paddock. He then stole the embryos from the freezers, stored the said embryos in a specially adapted can of Gilette shaving foam which he got from Lewis Dodgson, and snuck away from the compound into a gas jeep, driving it to the East Dock. Nedry's hopes were to get to the dock, get the embryos to Dodgson, and then return to the theme park to restore all the security systems before he was missed. However, the storm caused Nedry to veer off the road. There, he encountered a Dilophosaurus wetherilli, which disemboweled him by blinding him with its venomous saliva, ripped his stomach wide open, caused his intestines to spill out, and crushed his head with its jaws.

Nedry's body was found by Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro, which was now being devoured by a pack of scavenging Procompsognathus triassicus. Muldoon had very little sympathy for his death, having witnessed all of the demises and chaos that Nedry indirectly caused. When Gennaro asked what to do with the body, Gennaro told him there were more important things to worry about, and they left the body behind.

Nedry's dead body was presumably destroyed when the entire island of Isla Nublar was bombed by the Costa Rica Air Force.





  • This version of Dennis Nedry differentiates from the film series version in many ways.
    • In the movie, Nedry only accepts Dodgson's offer simply because John Hammond refused to pay him extra money for his job.
      • In the novel, Hammond treats Nedry very cruelly as his employee, as he never told him the full extent of his project and also refused to pay him fairly. What's even worse is that here, Nedry was also blackmailed by Hammond and threatened with lawsuits.
    • In the movie, it seems as if Nedry has always done a sloppy job.
      • In the novel, he does so out of spite because of how Hammond was unfairly treating him.
    • In the movie, when Nedry accepts the bribe from Dodgson, he simply tells him not to get cheap on him because it was Hammond's mistake.
      • In the novel, Nedry recorded one of his conversations with Dodgson as insurance out of fear that he might rip him off.
    • In the movie, it is apparent that Nedry wanted to drive to the dock to give the Barbasol can to Biosyn and escape the island.
      • In the novel, Nedry's plans were to hack the security systems, drive away with the embryos, and then return and reset everything before his absence was noticed.
    • In the movie, Nedry is confronted by a juvenile Dilophosaurus and manages to get into the car in an escape attempt, only for the dinosaur to kill him, where it is unknown how it did so.
      • In the novel, Nedry's death is very graphic in detail. He is confronted by an adult Dilophosaurus and when it spits in his eyes, it felt like "stabbing like spikes into the back of his skull", and after that, he tries to ward it off by waving his arms wildly, but it tears open his stomach and causes his intestines to spill out. Finally, it crushes his head in its jaws while lifting him off of the ground.
    • In the movie, the protagonists never find his deceased body. The closest it gets is in a deleted scene in The Lost World: Jurassic Park where he is not listed by Peter Ludlow as one of the employees who died, which implies that he either forgot about his death or disgraced him for sabotaging the park.
      • In the novel, the protagonists find Nedry's body which was being devoured by small dinosaurs. Muldoon doesn't feel very sorry for him due to the indirect casualties he caused and he and Gennaro leave his corpse behind, concluding that they have more important things to focus on.


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