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Dennis Richardson is a fictional character and major antagonist of the long-running Channel 4 British television soap opera Hollyoaks.


Dennis was first introduced as a teacher at Hollyoaks Comprehensive School. He was married to Helen and was father to Lewis and Mandy.

An abusive alcoholic, he beat up his wife and son and molested his daughter. When he finds out that Mandy is dating Sol, he flew into a rage and raped her. Mandy briefly ran away, and then told the police what her father had done to her. He was arrested and eventually found guilty of rape, for which he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment. During his imprisonment, Lewis committed suicide.

Dennis was released from prison five years later, and returned to Hollyoaks. He tried to explain himself to Mandy, but she refused to listen. Dennis then tried to mend his relationship with Helen when she took him to where Lewis' ashes had been scattered. Mandy arrived with neighbours Tony Hutchinson and Gordon and Max Cunningham to get rid of Dennis, and a fight broke out between Max and Dennis.

Dennis was last seen telling Mandy that he is dying of cancer, hoping she might forgive him. She bought him some alcohol to quicken his death, telling him she could never forgive him. He eventually died of liver disease. He is cremated, and Helen poured his ashes down the drain.