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Denzel Jackson is one of the villainous major protagonist Brickleberry. He is a stereotypical, jive-talking black guy, who has gerontophilia and is solely attracted to old ladies and is repulsed by younger women his age. Denzel works as a park ranger at Brickleberry National Park and is best friends with Steve Williams.

Denzel has a long criminal record, mostly due to his past, when he was part of the Cool Friends Gang back in Detroit. He has then since moved on from his thug life but still temporarily relapsed in "Scared Straight". Aside from this, Denzel is still villainous for ruining people's marriages by sleeping with married women and abusing people by whipping them with bicycle chains.

He is voiced by Jerry Minor.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Two Weeks Notice", Denzel had sex with two extremely old ladies and ended up killing them. Instead of taking responsibility or even calling 9-1-1 for help, he quietly escaped the house and left their corpses behind.
  • In "Race Off!", Denzel assisted Woody Johnson in dousing the park in gasoline so that he could light the place on fire later. However, Denzel would soon be hoist by his own petard, when the fire led to him getting his skin burned off. Later in the episode, Denzel, (now a white man), joined the Ku Klux Klan and kidnapped Steve Williams (now a black man) and attempted to hang him.
  • In "The Comeback", Denzel took advantage of Steve's stupidity by tricking him into paying him tons of money for worthless junk that he labeled as "ghost fighting equipment".
  • In "Woody's Girl", Denzel flew around on a jetpack and destroyed a bunch of shit.
  • In "Trailer Park", Denzel knocked an innocent judge out cold several times and eventually gave him permanent brain damage so that he wouldn't see how shitty Brickleberry National Park is.
  • In "Crippleberry", Denzel took advantage of Steve being crippled and went around, drunk driving, breaking into people's houses, beating people up, robbing banks, and sleeping with people's wives. When people tried to beat him up, Denzel would point out that he has a crippled friend and they would show sympathy for him and leave him be.
  • In "My Way or the Highway", Denzel slept with Nina Melcher and secretly recorded it so that he could show the tape to everyone, sully her good name, and destroy her whole career.
  • In "Scared Straight", it was revealed that back in Detroit, Denzel used to be a criminal in a gang called the Cool Friends Gang, where their crimes included robbing banks, beating people up, and hijacking cars. Denzel claimed to have gotten over this but only relapsed later in life and got himself sent to jail.
  • In "Miss National Park", Denzel lit a cigarette after sleeping with an old lady, who was on an oxygen tank, leading to her tank blowing up and killing her.
  • In "That Brother's My Father", Denzel married Anita Johnson and became the legal father of Woody. As his father, Denzel was just as abusive as his mother. However, Anita forced Woody and Denzel to get along and they did. During their bonding process, Denzel whipped a bunch of children and their fathers with bicycle chains and also robbed a bank with Woody at gunpoint.
  • In "Amber Alert", Denzel started another forest fire, which burned Amber's flesh off and permanently mutilated her body.
  • In "Global Warning", Denzel tormented Malloy by dressing up as a murderous cow and scaring him.
  • In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", Denzel stashed a bunch of weed in his cabinet and then lied directly to a cop, claiming that it wasn't his.


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