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Deputy Stack is one of the two secondary antagonists in the 2015 film, Max. He is a corrupt deputy working for Tyler Harne.

He is portrayed by Owen Harn.


Stack is introduced halfway though the film when Tyler is selling weapons to a Mexican cartel. Sensing Max, he sends his two Rottweilers after him, and after the Rottweilers fail, he, Tyler and Emilio track down Max, to no avail.

He later shows up at the Wincotts' residence with Tyler, and they convince Mrs. Wincott that Max attacked them and needs to be put down. Later on, he, Tyler and Emilio capture Ray (Justin's father) and decide to do away with him after the exchange.

The next day, Stack is killed after Ray shoots his truck and causes him to crash into a tree. The truck explodes on impact, killing him.


  • Stack's portrayer, Owen Harn, shares his last name with the main antagonist, Tyler Harne.