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It takes more than victory to become a champion. It takes breeding, and nepotism, and snobbery!
~ Derby Harrington

Derby Harrington is one of five secondary antagonists in 2006 video game: Bully and the main antagonist of Chapter 2. He is the snobbish leader of the Preppies clique and an enemy of the Greasers' leader, Johnny Vincent. He is a typical arrogant, stuck-up rich bully who is overbearing of others.

He was voiced by John LaVelle.


Derby is introduced in Chapter 1 and keeps low until the end of Chapter 2. He sends his clique to defeat Jimmy Hopkins in a boxing match, but they are defeated one by one. He then decides to face Jimmy himself, but even so he is defeated and forced to come to Jimmy's side. But even so, after Jimmy helps the Greasers by punishing Gord (one of the Preppies), he manages to trick Jimmy into spray-painting a grafitti at New Coventry, which turns the Greasers against him, forcing Jimmy to defeat Greaser leader Johnny Vincent, also forcing him to join him. During the Townies' assault in Chapter 5, the Preppies' gym is vandalized, and Derby blames it on the Greasers. Even though Jimmy gets photographic proof to prove the opposite, he refuses to see it. Finally, during the riot unleashed by Gary Smith, Derby hides along with his "henchmen" in the Harrington House (a property owned by his father, located in Bullworth Academy grounds) watching the riot in delight, again being defeated by Jimmy. His last appearance is right before the credits, applauding Jimmy along with the other clique leaders.


Derby is a snobbish little brat who thinks anything can be solved with money. He usually prefers to make the Preppies do the dirty job for him, even though he is an excellent boxer and can stand out for himself. He is highly manipulative and can make anyone in the school work for him, save for Jimmy and his friends.


  • He is English.