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Derek, Laine and Reggie are a trio of popular teenage bullies and recurring characters from the FOX animated sitcom The Cleveland Show. They are the cronies of Oliver Wilkerson, who often leads them in bullying kids such as Junior and Ernie at Stoolbend High School.

Derek was voiced by Julius Sharpe, Laine was voiced by Alec Sulkin, and Reggie was voiced by Clarence Livingston.


Derek, Laine, and Reggie are among the popular students of their class. They often appear as a trio and are friends and classmates of Roberta Tubbs, Federline Jones, Raymond the Bear, and mostly football team captain Oliver Wilkerson. Like him, they are also bullies who frequently torment and tease the unpopular kids of their school, such as Cleveland Brown Jr. for his overweight body and immature habits. However, the three boys are slightly more often seen without Oliver and had already started appearing before he was introduced. Additionally while Cleveland Jr. appears to be a favorite target of their abuse, he has occasionally won over the respect of Oliver and his buddies, though most occasions only last episode-wise and they continue bullying him afterwards. All three boys first appeared in "Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance", where they first begin targetting Junior who was already beginning his first day as a new student at Stoolbend High. They seem to befriend him during this episode when they realize how well he poses for a makeshift door for the bathroom stalls, only to continue to bully him both on their own and under Oliver's lead, such as in "It's the Great Pancake, Junior Brown" and "All You Can Eat", the former being the only episode where they receive their comeuppance.


  • Derek (Brown hair, Stoolbend High letterman's jacket, white shirt, tan jeans, red and white shoes) is the most confirmed jock of the three and the closest to Oliver. He wears a Stoolbend High team jacket and is on the school baseball team and possibly the football team as well. When he attempts to join his friends in making fun of others though, he often goes too far by making incredibly inappropriate comments.
  • Laine (Blonde hair, light blue short-sleeved dress shirt over white long-sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans, light blue shoes with white soles) is the shortest and apparently most intelligent of the three. He often reprimands Derek for his inappropriate quips.
  • Reggie (African-American with black hair, purple hoodless coat, a pale lavender shirt, blue jeans, karate shoes) is the tallest and most humorous of the trio. He also seems to be the friendliest towards his unpopular peers, including Junior, and his catchphrase for when someone says something too offensive is "Whoa!". Reggie is revealed to have testicular cancer in his first appearance.


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