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Come on girls, you know me! As if I laid a finger on her without permission!
~ Derek attempting to deny Lisa's allegations.

Derek Benrose is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the British soap opera Emmerdale. He appeared as a minor character in 2010 and later became a major antagonist in 2011.

Originally starting out as a new employee working for Jai Sharma in the "Sharma & Sharma" factory, Derek seemingly embarked on a close friendship with fellow worker and established character Lisa Dingle. When the pair ended up working overtime at one night, however, Derek raped Lisa and the latter's ordeal continued to impact up until his eventual departure in May 2011.

He was played by Stephen Bent.


In November 2010, Derek Benrose begun working for Jai Sharma at the Sharma factory in Emmerdale Village. He was quite chatty and friendly. He became friends with Lisa Dingle, a fellow worker at the factory, and her husband Zak Dingle. While it seemed as though he got along in good terms with the rest of the Dingles family, particularly with Lisa and Zak themselves, Derek did occasionally act a little bit sinister in a number of matters on his own.

In January 2011, Derek and Lisa were working overtime alone at the factory. They had a cup of tea in the works kitchen. Derek made a pass at Lisa and Lisa brushed it off as being friendly but then Derek would not let go. He then locked the door and raped Lisa. Afterwards, Lisa was left reeling after the ordeal. In February 2011, Derek plans to victimize Lisa's cousin Lizzie Lakley just as he did with Lisa after forging a relationship with her. Lisa discovers what is happening and ends up revealing in public that Derek raped her on the night they worked on their own. Everyone was shocked and supported Lisa, but Derek denies raping her and is consequently dismissed for his actions.

Later on that night, Lisa told Zak about Derek raping her on the night they worked together. Zak comforted Lisa and confronted Derek at his house. Lisa stopped Zak from killing Derek, before she herself then lashed out at Derek after blaming him for what he put her and their family through - aside from the fact that Derek refuses to admit to raping Lisa and even lies that she came onto him in a drunken crush. Zak comforts Lisa again and warns Derek that he'll get what is coming to him one day.

In May 2011, Derek was up on trial for raping another woman named Claire Aston. It is then Lisa is called up to the stand to describe the events of how she herself had been raped by Derek a few months ago. In the end, Derek was acquitted of raping Lisa due to lack of evidence. This left the Dingles distraught, but Lisa ends up feeling relieved when Derek ends up being found guilty for the other rape he committed and is sentenced to life imprisonment. The Dingles eventually move on from Derek, as does Lisa herself in the following years.

As of 2021, Derek is probably still in prison.



  • Lisa's rape would be referenced after the storyline's development in 2011.